Adult Go Karts

Find a wide range of full size off road buggies to carry you on your next adventure. No othe rbrand has a raputation as great as Trailmaster when it comes to go karts. The engineers at Trailmaster simply undertand the need for quality, dependability, power and perofrmance. These necessities are what make Trailmaster the leader in off road go karts.



Off Road Go Karts for Adults: Explore High-Quality Buggies & Models


What exactly is an off-road go kart?  Let's take a look at one of the fastest growing and most  popular adult recreational activities. Off road go are designed with the idea in mind that they'll be tackling various terrain. Places to ride include trails, tracks, fields, farms and more. That's why Trailmaster off road buggies are built for versatility and dependability.


These off road go karts are meant to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Finally, you can combine your love of the outdoors with your need for speed. Find teh perfect off road go kart and plan your camping/riding/exploring adventure today!


Off-Road Go Karts Overview

An offroad go kart needs a few key features to ensure that it can tackle any terrain. Roads are smooth and easy to navigate- but off road is a different story. A high caliber off road go kart should have a heavy duty suspension system to absorb the roughenss of the terrain. In combination with the suspension, tires should be large and have aggressive tread for traction and easy steering. The steering should be light and easy.


To power the adventure, off road go karts need high quality engine with plenty of horsepower. Kids karts may range from 4-7 hp, while adult size off road buggies need 11-18 hp. Expect to find a range of 150-300cc engine options. 


A good off road go kart should be packed with safety features. Look for comfy seats that cradle the rider; a 4 or 5 point harness is a must. Fenders protect the riders from flying dirt and debris, so don't overlook the importance of the plastics on the kart. Soem off road karts may have optional safety features like light bards, windshields and more.


Off road go karts should have a decent ground clearance, but maintain a low center of gravity. This low center of gravity combined with a wide stance and full roll cage gives redundancy in roll over protection. 


Adult size off road buggies should have all the features you can imagine. They'll be a major upgrade from kids size karts in both size and options. The cockpuit on most off road buggies will accomodate two full size adults while maintaining comfort and safety. Bucket seats with high back are expected, and anything less is outdated.


Many adults size go karts will have adjsutable steering wheels for many different size drivers. This feature works together with the adjutable driver's deat to make sure any driver can be safe and comfortable. Compared to children's go karts, these adults iszed off road go karts have massive amounts of power and performance.


Trailmaster has several different series of off road go karts, and each series offers adult sized models. Browse the options to see what might be right for you. This is not an exhuastive list, but in our opinion, these are simply the best off road go karts available on the market right now.

Popular off-road go kart models suitable for adults:

Trailmaster Bobcat 200 XRS EFI: 169cc GYy6 engine with CVT; 30+mph top speed; oversized tires; headlights;  5 point harnesses
Trailmaster Eagle 200 XRX EFI: All the great features of the Bobcat 200, plus LED light bar, aluminum rims, sport steering wheel, dash with speedometer
Trailmaster Eagle 300 XRX EFI: The ultiamte off road go kart! independent rear suspension, 300cc powerhouse engine with CVT; heavy duty shocks; front and rear hydraulic brakes; liquid cooled engine, and more!



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