For Ages 10+

 Go karts are the ultimate family fun activity! The rush of flying through the trails, the thrill of soaring over jumps and splashing through the mud, combined with the joy of family enjoyment makes off-roading a perfect way to get our of the house and get back to fun!
At GoKartMasters, we know first hand how much joy and connection go karts can bring because we've experienced it ourselves. Our parents built memories around our go karting and camping trips and now we are doing the same with our kids. Every kid wants to be with their parents, and when Mom and Dad are driving go karts and side by sides and having a blast, of course the kids wants to be right there alongside, enjoying the adrenaline and excitement. 
The kids don't need to ride in the back or sit on the sidelines anymore! With a Trailmaster Mid sized go kart, the kids can join right in the fun. For a young child, learning to ride a go kart can build confidence, increase their awareness, and build skills that last a lifetime. It's not just a toy, it can be a tool too! A child can learn the basics of driving, learn to care for a vehicle, and enjoy both the leisure and competitive nature that come with go karting. 
The Mid XRS is a perfect base model gas go kart with no frills. You get the bare necessities of a frame, seat, engine, and wheels. No electric start, no lights, no extras. It comes with basic suspension, and lap belts for safety.
If you're looking for any additional features on your gas powered go kart, you'll need to move on up to the Mid XRX. This is the all-time best sellers, ultimate all around go kart, and fits almost anyone! It doesn't come with reverse, but if you want reverse, just move up to the Mid XRX-R ( the same kart with a reverse gearbox engineered into the design!).
And if you're looking for something like the Mid XRX-R, but with a little more of a sporty look, you can try the Blazer 200R, which the Mid XRX-R with flared fenders, hood, bumper and graphics (plus awesome two tone seats!).









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