Mini Bikes



In the world of Mini bikes, the Trailmaster MB200 is king! This industry leading mini bike is unbeatable. Every single features is engineered to perfection.  Combine that with the GoKartMasters Master Warranty, and you can't go wrong! 


The rugged frame is perfectly proportioned for a sturdy yet comfortable ride. With both from and rear suspension, the MB200 is a smooth ride on the asphalt, and off road. Cruise the trails, ride across the fields, or show off in the neighborhood with this incredible little machine. Key features include:

-oversized aggressive tires for a smooth ride, easy steering, stability, and off road traction

- rear disc brakes for reliable stopping

-a HUGE comfy seat

-a reliable and durable Honda clone 6.5 hp engine

-CVT transmission


This bike is perfect the way it is, but it can be blank canvas for performance upgrades too! Create your dream bike with the already incredible MB200 and put your own special touch on it. 



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