How to Assemble Your 200 Go Kart: An expert Guide

Mar 26th 2024

Up until about 15 years ago, off road go karts were only sol in local dealerships. With the tanking economy in the late 2000s and the advent of the internet and e-commerce, it's only natural that go kart sales began the transition to online instead of in person. But with the transition to online sales, now you need to be able to assemble your Trailmaster 200 go kart yourself!

Buying a Trailmaster Go Kart Online Vs. In Person

One of the major differences between buying in store versus buying online is the need to assemble the unit. When dealerships were selling the karts in person, a truckload of karts would come to the dealership. The technicians would unbox and assemble the kart. Then the experts would service the kart and inspect it. This process was covered by the mark-up and dealer fees worked into the price of the go kart.

Now that the majority of go karts are sold on the internet- prices are considerably lower. But the end user must complete the assembly and service process. Sometimes the help of a professional is unavailable or unaffordable. That's why we have partnered with Go Kart Masters Academy to provide this step by step tutorial on "How to Assemble a Trailmaster 200 Go Kart".

Learn how to assemble a Trailmaster 200 go kart with this step by step tutorial

How to Put Trailmaster 200 Go Kart Together

This tutorial on how to assembly a Trailmaster 200 go kart offers a lot of valuable information. If you're shopping for a go kart, you may be unsure if you can handle the assembly yourself. Many dealers charge several hundred dollars and an increased freight fee for them to assemble the kart for you. Now you can follow this tutorial to see if you feel comfortable with doing it yourself to save money. Or perhaps you've already purchase your Trailmaster 200 from a dealer besides, but you need additional help once you receive the go kart. Start here and you won't need any other assistance!

Tools Needed to Assemble Trailmaster 200 Karts

First things first, let's go over the tools and equipment you will need to put your go kart together. When you go kart arrives to your address, it will be on a semi trailer. The delivery driver will use a lift gate to take the crate out of the truck. Then the driver will use a pallet jack to place the go kart in the location of your choosing. You will not need forklift or loader of any sort. if you do have those machines available, you can certainly utilize them.

Tool list for trailmaster 200 assembly, basic tools needed

Combination Wrench Set

Throughout the process of building your go kart, you will need to both loosen and tighten many sizes of bolts. The first tool on your list will be a set of combination wrenches. These should have the sizes between 8mm and 19mm. In m any cases, you will need to hold a nut while you impact the bolt tight; some areas of the kart are too tight to get a socket in, so the wrenches are absolutely necessary.

3/8” Drive Socket Set with Impact Gun or Ratchet Wrench

Next you’ll need a socket set with a 3/8” drive. This set of sockets will be used throughout the assembly process, just like the wrenches will be needed. An inexpensive socket set will do just fine for this task. To power these sockets, you will need some sort of torque creating device. We recommend an impact gun if you have one. Either pneumatic or battery powered will work well. You may also use a ratchet wrench in place of the impact. Hand tools will suffice, just be aware that it will add a bit of time to the total process.

Pliers and Side Cutters

There are several steps during the process to assemble a Trailmaster 200 that will require pliers. You may use needle nose or a standard snub nose pair of pliers. These also do not need to be high quality. For the task of snipping zip ties and cotter pins, you will need a pair of angle side cutters. Don’t try to use a long pair of pliers with a cutter at the base, as you won’t have enough space to place the end of the pliers in order for the cutter to reach.

Medium Phillips Head Screw Driver

You will need a medium Phillips head screwdriver to attach the battery cables to the battery. The battery bolts will have a Phillips head on them. Some may also have a bolt head that you can use a small socket on, but it’s a good idea to just be prepared with the screwdriver. A shorter one is better because the space is limited in the area where you will need to install the battery. However, a medium length screwdriver will also assist in lining up bolt holes on the rolls cage.

1/2” drive 22mm socket

For the rear axle bolts on your 200 size go kart, you will need a larger socket than what comes in your set. This is a large heavy duty castle nut that needs to be tightened down. You will need a 22mm socket with a 1/2 “ driver, as well as the ratchet wrench, impact gun, or adapter to go with it. You can buy this in a set of larger sockets, or sometimes you can buy them individually.

Air Compressor

If you’re using pneumatic tools, then this item is obviously since you need an air compressor too power the tools. But the air line can get cumbersome as you move around the go kart. If you have battery powered impacts, you find it much easier to work. However, you will still need an air compressor to inflate the tires. An emergency car tire pump will work fine. In a pinch, you could put the tires in your vehicle and take them to the local gas station to use the machine that most stations have in the parking lot. Either way, you’ll need an air compressor to make sure the tires are inflated to between 8 and 10 psi.

Equipment you may need to assemble your go kart. This list will make the process much easier.

Low Pressure Tire Gauge

You will need a lower pressure tire gauge to check the pressure in the tires on your go kart. Trailmaster recommends 8-10 psi in all tires, depending on terrain. A standard pressure gauge meant for cars will not provide the accuracy that you need in this instance. A low pressure gauge only goes up to 20 psi and has a tick mark for each individual number. This allows you to gets a more accurate reading. If you purchase your Trailmaster 200 go kart from, you will receive a low pressure gauge in your welcome kit.

Valve Stem Core Tool

The rear tires of your go kart will be shipped with the valve stem core loose. This core will need to be tightened down before the tires will hold air. You will need a special tool to do this. If you do not already own one, they can be purchased at any automotive store. You may also find them on f you purchase your Trailmaster 200 go kart from, you will receive a low pressure gauge in your welcome kit.

Key Chain

You go kart will come with 2 keys on a single key ring. If you lose these keys, they are not replaceable and you will have to buy and install a net ignition switch. To avoid this, we highly recommend having a keychain prepared so you can separate the keys. Put the spare key on the keychain and file it somewhere safe alongside your title and parts manual. GoKartMasters will provide a keychain for this.

Stickers/ Decals

Your Trailmaster go kart will come with the basic branding and model number decals, but you might want to go ahead and customize your kart while it’s brand new, and never seen dirt. This will ensure that your decals last much longer. Most bumper stickers and decals will stick very well to the roll cage bars. GoKartMasters will send you a variety of stickers, or you can have your own prepared!

Printed Copy of the “Trailmaster 200 Assembly Guide” by Go Kart Masters Academy

Go Kart Masters Academy has designed a high quality assembly guide with photos, written instructions and checklists that correlates directly with this article and the GKM Academy video tutorial. I you purchase your kart from Go Kart Masters, you will receive a PDF copy of this guide to use on your phone, computer or tablet. If you purchase from another dealer, but would like to have the printable PDF, you can purchase a copy at You may also like to print this out before you get started.

Extra supplies needed to assemble you Trailmaster 200 go kart.

Your Go Kart needs 10W30 Engine Oil

Although your go kart will arrive with some oil in the crankcase, it will be too low to operate to the kart safely. At the end of the assembly process, you will need to top off the oil. We recommend a synthetic from your favorite brand. Many of the owners manuals have a typo that dictates a 15W40 for these karts, but the correct oil is 10W30. One quart of oil will suffice, and you will have some left over.

Choose high quality gasoline

When you are ready to start your kart up for the first time, you will need to add gasoline to it. Purchase fresh premium fuel, preferably a non-ethanol version if it’s available. Use a very clean gas can. You may add a stabilizer or Seafoam if you choose. This is always a wise idea. Take extra care not to get any dirt, debris, or water into the gas can or the fuel tank on your kart.

Jack Stands

Many customers have a tractor, for lift, skid steer, or some other heavy machinery that can lift the go kart to help in the assembly process. However, if you do not have any of these things, you will need 2 jack stands. It will take 2 adults to lift the kart onto the stands, so plan ahead to have help available.

Optional Supplies that may be helpful

These last few items are not required, but may provide some extra help as your put your go kart together. The foam padding on the roll cage is typically attached by zip ties. If you have electrical tape, it will secure the foam padding to the bars much better than the zip ties. You may also run into a rare karts where the bolt hole aren’t drilled completely right. Int his case, you will need to carefully drill them out. This is a rare occasion, but prepare for it. Lastly, you may need a rubber mallet to tap some of the bars into place without scratching the paint.

Now that you have collected all the tools to assemble your Trailmaster 200 go kart, take the time to read through the entire assembly process before you begin. There are many steps in this assembly tutorial. Consequently, it is easy to go out of order if you don't pay close attention. Prepare yourself to assembly your Trailmaster 200 go kart.

Trailmaster go karts are shipped in a metal crate covered in cardboard

The Crate around your Go Kart

Your Trailmaster go kart will arrive inside of a metal crate, covered with cardboard. You should expect this cardboard out shell to be in very bad shape, or even missing. Minor scratches and dings are expected. Remember, this go kart came across the ocean from China, then traveled across the country to get to you. Minor scratches will not affect your ability to assembly your Trailmaster 200 go kart.

On the Trailmaster 200 XRX and Blazer 200EX models, you may find that the plastic dash cover has been cracked by forklift forks or something being stacked on top. This damage will be covered under warranty, so take some good clear photos and submit them to your dealer. Dealers all have different processes for warranty parts that were damaged during shipping.

If there is damage to main lower portion of the go kart frame, or any kind of puncture in the engine block, you should refuse the shipment. Photograph and document the damage well, then tell your driver that you are refusing delivery. Make your driver list out the damage and do not sign the bill of lading unless it has the damage clearly desribed. Take a photo of the drivers’ copu. The freight company will have to cover the cost of the go kart and you will be shipped a new kart. Contact your dealer immediately and provide photos to them

The proper workspace to assemble a Trailmaster 200 go kart

You will need to prepare the workspace where you intend to assemble your go kart.
Make sure the area is tidy and free of dirt and debris. A garage or workshop is a good place as long as you have room to walk all the way around the kart. You will also need some extra space to lay out all of the parts. You can even do this in your driveway or yard if your weather permits. Prepare a work bench, cart or desk with all of your tools and supplies on hand. Charge batteries for power tools, and purchase your fresh gas before you get started. Now you are ready to assembly your Trailmaster 200 go kart!

Uncrate your Trailmaster Go Kart

Remove the cardboard and place it out of the way. As you begin to unpack all of the crate contents, we recommend making a pile for cardboard, a pile for plastic, and pile for trash. Otherwise, you will be taking out the trash can repeatedly before you finish.

Once you remove the cardboard, you will see that the upper portion of the metal crate is attached to the lower frame rails will bolts. Using a 10mm socket and a 10mm wrench, remove all of these bolts from the crate. Lift the crate up and off you kart and set it out of the way. There will also be a support bar that runs through the floorboard of the go kart. Remove the bolts from this support bar and stack the bar with the crate top.

The seat backs will be lying on top of the content of your go kart. Set the seat backs on the engine and unpack everything from the cockpit of the go kart. You will want to lay everything out neatly and in order to ensure that everything is there. You will find the title zip tied to the frame somewhere, and the axle hardware will be in a plastic bag that is zip tied to one of the front spindles.

See our graphic below to determine how to lay out your parts for efficiency, then verify that all of your parts are present. For any missing parts, contact your dealer’s warranty department. They should be able to provide any assistance you need to assemble your Trailmaster 200 go kart.

Go ahead and cut all zip ties and remove all cardboard and bubble wrap as you go.

The Contents of your Trailmaster 200 Go Kart

The following items will be necessary to assemble your Trailmaster 200 kart:

  • 2- narrow front fender with bracket attached
  • 2- front tire/wheel assembly
  • 2- main roll cage bars
  • 2- sided bars
  • 1- H bar
  • 1- cross bar
  • 1- cargo rack with trail light
  • 2- cargo rack supports
  • 1- Rear Shock
  • 2- rear fenders with brackets attached
  • 2- rear wheel/tire assembly


  • 2- large castle nut
  • 2- large washer
  • 2- small castle nut
  • 2- small washer
  • 2- large cotter pin
  • 2- small cotter pin
  • 8- locking lug nuts
  • 2- keys
  • 1- steering wheel
  • 2- side mirror
  • 4- hub caps
  • 1- plastic steering wheel cover
  • 4- short frame bolts for cargo support
  • 4- medium frame bolts for fuel tank
  • 12- long frame bolts for roll cage
  • 18- chrome cupped washers for frame bolts
  • 10- M8 nuts for frame bolts
  • 1- battery cushion
  • 1- battery strap
  • 1- battery cover
  • 1- battery
  • 1- certificate of origin
  • 1- owners manual

Begin to Assemble your Trailmaster 200 Go Kart Frame

Before you can install the roll bars, you will need to first attach the rear cargo rack to the lower frame of the go kart. You may need a second person to hold the rack in place while you thread the bolts. You will need 2 frame bolts and 2 chrome cupped washers. Align the bars of the cargo rack with the two holes on the frame bar that runs behind the seats.

Pay close attention to the shape of the cupped washer. The flat side of the washer needs to touch the head of the bolt. The curved side of the washer should cup around the round bar without any gaps. If you do not align these washers correctly, these bolts will rattle loose. If the black plastic bar cap isn't turned the right way to sit on the roll cage, you can turn it with your hand to face teh right direction.

Carefully thread bolt bolts before you completely tighten the bolts down. You will need to move the rack around to get the bolts lined up just right. Once both bolts are started, you can tighten both of them completely. Do not overtighten, or the plastic bar caps will crack.

Install Rack Supports

Find the two short black supports and 4 shortest frame bolts. Each bolt will also need a nut. On the under side of the cargo rack, you will find a small tab with a bolt hole. Install one end of the support bar with a bolt through this hole. The other end of the support bar will attach to a similar tab on the back edge of the kart with a matching bolt hole. Install all 4 bolts, then tighten them completely. It does not matter particularly which direction the support bars face, but make it the same on both sides. You may need to push down gently on the cargo rack to get the supports to line up with all of the holes.

Assemble the Roll Cage on your Trailmaster Go Kart


Find the two longest roll cage bars. These bars are not directional, so they can go on either side of your go kart. Locate the bar hub on the top side of the cargo rack. Place the back side of the Coll cage on this hub. You may need to insert a bolt to hold this end in place while you install the other end of the bar.

These bars are meant to have quite a bit of pressure on them to hold everything securely in place, so you may need to exert a good deal of pressure on the bar to get it to line up with the hub on the front end of the frame. This is a good time to use your rubber mallet to get everything to line up properly. Use one bar bolt, 2 cupped washers and on nut on each bolt hole to attach the roll cage bar. Repeat on both sides.

Frame hardware for roll cage on trailmaster go kart for assembly

Side Bars

Now you will install the side bars. These two bars are directional and will only fit on one side of the go kart. The way to identify the side each bar goes on is to place the open end of the bar over teh hub on the side of the seat. Route the bar around until it touches the roll cage. It it signs up correctly with the holes and seems to point the right direction, it’s on the correct side. You will know if it on the wrong side because the top end with the plastic bar cap will point in an obviously wrong direction. Use a frame bolt and a cupped washer on the top side. Use a frame bolt, two cupped washers, and a nut on the lower side.

H- Bar

Next, locate the H bar. This is the top of the roll cage that hold the out bars together and forms a sort of “roof” over the kart. It is easy to identify as it is shaped like a capital letter H with a small triangle sticking out of one side. This triangle points toward the front of the kart. Hold the h bar between the two roll cage bars.

To continue, you will need 4 frame bolts, and each will take one cupped washer. These bars will not require a nut. The nut for each bolt is already welded inside the bars of the H bar. To make it easier, turn the plastic caps to seat correctly on the roll cage. Gently thread teh bolts before going too far because these can strip out easily and you will need to purchase an entire new bar. Install all 4 bolts though the frame and into the H bar.

Install the cross bar between the rear of the two roll cage bars with 2 frame bolts and two cupped washers. Use caution again when threading these bolts into the bar.

Tighten All of the Frame Bolts

Now that you have lined everything up and have all of your bolts in place, you may go around the kart and tighten everything down well. Be careful not to tighten too much on the bars with black plastic caps, as the caps can crack.

Install the Rear Shocks

At this point, you may notice that your go kart came with one read shock not attached. The other rear shock is only partially attached. This allows the swing arm to hinge in close to the frame so the kart can be packed tightly in the crate. But now, you need to install the shocks.

Take notice, the side where no shock is installed will have a metal bar in place of the shock. The bolts and nuts holding this bar are the actual shock hardware. Remove the nuts and bolts but do not lose them. Place the top end of the shock inside the tabs and install the bolt and nut. Have some lift the rear end of the kart until the shock wills life into the tabs on the swing arm. Then, install the bolt and nut.

The other shock will already have the top bolt in. Have someone lift the kart while you install the lower bolt. Don't forget to tighten all of the shock bolts, because they will be difficult to access after this point.

Pay attention to direction of the shock. If you’re unsure, you can check the previously installed shock that was placed by the factory int eh correct position. Simply put, the shock coils should be toward the top and the shaft without coils should be at the bottom.

Lift Your Kart Up for Tire installation

At this point, the roll cage is complete assembled and it’s time to install all of the wheels. There are two options for this process but both option follow generally the same steps, only with different equipment. The first step is to remove the brackets that hols the read axle onto the metal crate. Next, you’ll need to remove the bolt that hold the front lower A-arms onto the frame. Once the kart is free of the metal crate, you can lift the kart off the ground. Choose whichever process suits you and your tools.

Forklift, tractor, skid steer option: Perfect to assemble the Trailmaster 200 Go Kart

Close the forks together as closely as possible. Insert the forks through the space in the roll cage between the cross bar and the H bar. Also, it is always a good idea to place a piece of cardboard between the forks and the roll bars so the paint doesn’t get scratched. Slowly and carefully raise the forks until the go kart is off the ground. Additionally, if you are inside a shop, you may be limited on how high you can lift the go kart, but if you have the ceiling height to allow it, lift the kart until the axle is at your chest height. This will eliminate a lot of being over and hurting your back.

Jack Stands

Get your jacks stands ready to slide under the read axle. With the help of a second person, life the back end of the kart by the cargo rack until the rear axle is taller than the jack stands. Basically, each person should carefully slide a jack stand under the rear axle and gently rest the kart on the stands. A third person could maneuver the jacks, or the lifters can use a foot to slide the jack stands. Finally, once you install the rear tires, you can remove the jack stands, then repeat the process on the front end.

Hook up the battery when you assemble your Trailmaster 200 Go Kart

When we use a forklift for assembly, we have a lot easier access to certain areas than what you might have when you are working with jack stands. One of the tasks that is a little easier is to hook up the battery. Since we have the battery box up around eye level and the rear wheels are not in the way, we go ahead and install the battery before the rear wheels. If you are using the jackstand method, it will be easier for you to install the batteries after all of the wheels are on. You’ll be able to sit in the driver’s seat facing backward and easily access the battery box.

Battery Accessories

Before you install the battery, place the rubber cushion in the bottom of the battery box. This rubber cushion prevent damage to your battery while driving your go kart. The rubber will act as a a shock absorber so the plastic shell of the battery doesn’t crack. Next, place the battery on top of the rubber cushion. With the battery bolts included in the battery box, attach the positive wire to the red terminal. Then attach the negative wire to the black terminal. Then tighten the screws well and be careful not to make contact with the game of the kart with your screwdriver.

Battery Cover

Once the battery is completely hooked up, you can place the battery cover over the top, then use the rubber strap to secure the battery. Of course, this is a great time to hook up a pigtail for a trickle charger. You will absolutely need to use some kind of battery maintainer, and it is is much easier to use a pigtail with a quick connect than to try to use the alligator clips each time you need to charge the battery. Typically, if you install a trickle charger, the battery cover will not fit. Consequently, you may simply discard it.

Install the rear fenders

At this point, once you install the tires, it will be much more difficult to access the fender brackets. So, let’s go ahead and get those installed. Markedly, the rear fenders are wider and have a clamp style bracket that fits over the frame of the swing arm. to clarify, the swing arm is the lower support frame that holds up the engine.

On each side, you will find a hole drilled through the square tubing. In addition, the fender brackets are directional, so hold the fender up to the hole to see if it points the right direction. The fender should sit towards the front/top of the tire. If you look underneath the fender, you should see that the longer end of the fender bracket points toward the rear of the go kart.

It should be obvious if you have the wrong fender because it will be positioned in a strange direction. Remove the bolt, sign the fender bracket up, and reinsert the bolt, going through the swing are and into the fender bracket. Tighten well. Repeat on the other side.

Important steps for the Rear tires when you assemble your Trailmaster 200 Kart

Locate your rear tire and wheel assemblies. The rear tires are wider, and will have the center hub already attached. The hole in the hub will be splined to fit over the rear axle. The rear tires will be deflated for shipping.

Next, find your valve stem core tool and take the cap off of the valve stem on one of the tires. You will see a small piece inside the valve stem. This piece is the valve stem core of valve stem seed. The core is loose, and needs to be tightened before the tire will hold any pressure. Use the valve stem tool to tighten the core down.

Now, fill the tire with an air pump to 8-10 psi. Use the low pressure gauge to determine the proper pressure. 8 psi will be better for off-road, look dirt/gravel, trails etc and 10 psi will be better for compacted clay, roads, and smooth terrain. In this case, never go over 10 psi.

Identify Rear Wheel Direction

Now, remember that on the Trailmaster 20 go kart, the tires are directional, which you need to know when you assemble it. On the positive side, there are several clues we can use to determine which tire is the right and which is the left. First, we want to keep in mind that the valve stem has to be facing out so that we can access it in the future. Next, you can look for the arrow on the side of the tire that points in teh direction that the tire should rotate when going forward.

Of course, if you can’t find the arrow, or you are not sure, you can also look at the tread. The tread has a V shape that is repeated around the center of the tread. Naturally, the point of that V should go towards the front of the go kart. You can set each tire up the arrow or V pointing toward the front of the kart, and Athen check the valve stem to see which is the right tire and which is the left.

Install Rear Wheels

To begin, once you know which side to put each tire on, you can slide one over the rear axle. Some gentle twisting and pushing will help align the splined axle with the splined wheel hub. Then push the tire on until it hits a shoulder on the axle and stops. Next, find that biggest washer, biggest castle nut and biggest cotter pin in your hardware. Afterward, you may place the washer over the end of the axle, then install the castle nut. Use the 22mm socket and the 1/2" impact or ratchet to tighten the axle nut.

Install Cotter Pin and Hub Cap

Once the castle nut is tight, you may need to adjust it slightly to allow the cotter pin to be inserted. The cotter pin must lie in the grooves of the castle nut, and slide through the Hoel drilled in the axle. Once you can insert your cotter pin, go ahead and put it in with the longer side facing out. Then bend the longer side of the cotter pin over the end of the axle. Use your side cutters to snip the excess cotter pin off both the short and long sides to make room for the hub cap.

Next, place a hub cap over the end of the axle. While applying pressure, rotate the hub cap around the hub. The lip of the rubber hub cap will hook over the washer you just installed. It is secure when you can tug on the hub cap and it doesn’t fall off.

Repeat this entire process on the other rear wheel. If you’re using the jack stand method, set the rear tires on the ground, remove the jack stands, lift the font end of the kart, and carefully place the jack stands under the frame so the front end is high enough to install the tires.

Contunie to Assemble your Trailmaster 200 kart: Install Front suspension

On the front end of your kart, you need to locate the suspension. This system includes a spindle, a shock, an upper A-arm and a Lower A-arm. The shock and spindle will already bed installed on the upper A-arm. To connect the lower A-arm, first you need line up the shock with the tab on the lower A-arm. Insert the shock bolt and tighten the nut down. Next, grab the spindle and maneuver it into place in the lower A-arm.

The spindle is the long black shaft that has a hub and brake caliper attached at the bottom. To put it on the A-arm, first install the washer with the square hole over the threads. Then place the rubber accordion boot over the washer. Next, you need to line up the square shoulder over the threads with the square hole in the A-arm. Make sure the square shoulder seats properly. Install a flat washer and castle nut from the bottom side and tighten to secure it. Install a cotter pin with the longer side facing down. Bend the long side over the end of the nut, then cli off any excess cotter pin. Repeat this entire process on the other side.

Install Front Fenders

The front fenders attach to the small flat bracket on the spindle. Attach the front fenders with 2 bolts and tighten them down well. The fender brackets are directional, so pay close attention. The fender should point toward the back of the go kart. Position it slightly above and behind the tire. Install both sides, then prepare to install the front wheels.

Install front wheel assemblies

Determine the left and right wheel assemblies by identifying the V shaped tread. The V should point forward with the valve stem facing away from the go kart. Line the studs up with the holes on the wheels and push the tire all the way onto the hub. Thread the 4 lug nuts onto the studs. Tighten one lug nut, then tighten the nut directly across from it. This will ensure that the wheel seats properly around the hub without any imbalance. Tighten remaining lug nuts.

Be sure the wheel fits all the way around the hub so the wheel don’ts wobble. Install a hub cap over the castle nut in the center of the hub. Repeat on the other side. Check tire pressure, it should be between 8-10 psi.

Install the Steering Wheel on your Trailmaster 200 kart

You almost have your Trailmaster 200 assembled. Find your steering wheel. You will need 3 bolts and 3 nuts. Make sure that the front tires point straight ahead so that you can properly align the steering wheel. Orient the steering wheel so that the center arm points straight down. Line the holes on the steering wheel up with the holes on the steering column. Insert the bolts from the front and attach the nuts from the back side of the steering wheel. Tighten then bolts, being careful not to over tighten.

Find the black plastic round steering wheel cover. It will have a square tab on the bottom and a triangle shaped tab on top. The square tab foes into the rectangular hold in the steering wheel. Then press firmly in an upward direction and towards the steering wheel until the triangle tab snaps into place.

Steering Wheel Adapter on XRX models

If you have a Trailmaster 200 XRX or a Blazer model that comes with a sport style steering wheel, you will need to install the adapter on teh steering column first. The adapter looks like the shape of a hockey puck and is chrome in color. Install the adapter with the 3 bolts onto the steering column. Then attach the steering wheel to the adapter with the screws provided.

Your Trailmaster 200 Go Kart Assembly is almost complete!

Finally, the last few steps are simple. Just a few more things to tidy up and you’ll be ready to ride! On the cargo rack, there will be a loose pigtail hanging down from the tail light. On the top side of the engine, there will be a matching wire plug. To complete this task, find both pieces and plug the tail light into the wiring harness.

Install the fuel tank

Now, we need to install the fuel tank. Pick you tank up and look at all of the features. The tank has one flat side and one rounded side. Additionally, take note of which side the gas cap is on. Then place the fuel tank into the cargo rack so that the rounded edge of the tank fits into th rounded edge of the frame. The four bolt holes on the sides of the fuel tank should line up with the four bolt holes in the frame. Finally, set the tank in gently, then install all four bolts and nuts. Tighten well.

Next, look on the underside of the file tank. There should be a fuel line coming out of the fuel pump. Plug the connector on the end of this fuel line into the nipple on top of the fuel injector. It will only fit on one place, so you’ll know it’s the correct spot.Push until it clicks into place.

On top of the engine, find a long wire with with a red and yellow plug on the end. This plug will slide into a receiver on the front side of the fuel pump. It is easier to see and access from teh driver’s seat of the go kart. Plug this in and push until the clip snaps over the tab to hold it in place.

Hook up the EPA Required vent line

When you assemble a Trailmaster 200 go kart, you'll notice a small black box mounted behind the passenger seat. This is a carbon containment box required by the EPA. Off the top of the fuel tank there will be a vent. Find the fuel line connected to it. Follow this fuel line along the frame. It should run behind the seats and cross over to the passenger side of the kart. Plus the end of this rule line into the smaller nipple on the bottom side of the carbon containment box. Secure it with the fuel line valve included.

Install seat backs

Only the seatbelts are hold the seat backs onto your kart at this point. Pick up one seat back and look at the bottom of it. There are two tubes that sicks out of the foam. Those tubes will slide over the two tubes sticking up from the frame behind the seat bottom. Carefully slide the seat over the lower tubes. Pull the seatbelts through the holes in the seatback. Buckle all of the buckles so they can’t drag the ground.

Install the canopy top

Your Trailmaster 200 comes with a canvas canopy sun shade that fits over the top of the roll bars. Lay the canopy to over the roll bars and match up the shape of the top with th shape of the bars. Wrap the back edge around the cross bar and secure the velcro. From the underside, secure all of the velcro strap around the frame. If you plan on hauling this go kart on a trailer, we recommend leaving the canopy top off until you arrive at your destination because it will fly off on the interstate.

Install the mirrors

The side view mirror are simple to install. Find the mirrors, and stick the threaded end through one of the holes on teh mirror bracket. Either hols is fine. Tighten the nut down to secure the mirror. Mirrors are adjustable!

That’s it! You have assembled your Trailmaster go kart! Well, if you have a premium model, you may also need install the upper light bar by attaching the tracking to the roll cage. The wire will plug into the wiring harness near the passenger side head light. Then you will be done!

Important First Steps

It is of vital importance that you follow our first start guidelines. Your go kart comes from teh factory with oil in it, but you will need to check it. You’ll need to put gas in the tank, and we have a lot of recommendations about best practices. You need complete a specific set of tasks to crank the kart. See our First Start article to make sure you know the correct procedure.

Familiarize yourself with the required preventive maintenance on your go kart. This will include oil changes, chain adjustments, greasing the frame at lubrication points, chaining the belt, oiling the chain, cleaning or chaining the air filter and more. Be prepared to perform regular maintenance. Your go kart will last quite a while.

Your EFI go kart has an onboard computer that controls the fuel injection system and logs all of the stats of your engine. You can read the information on this computer with a special bluetooth transceiver that plugs into the ECU and transmits the data. You can purchase that transceiver here. It currently is only compatible with Android devices. This will give your engine codes, and allow you to view and adjust the specs on your engine. Be careful not to change too many settings. For example, if you switch the engine into the racing tune you will void your warranty. Do this at your own risk, or at least wait until the warranty window is passed so you don’t ruin your chances of getting something repaired.

The Trailmaster 200 XRS EFI full size go kart: Rugged Adult Sized Go Kart

Get back to fun with our latest upgrade to the insanely popular 150cc adult go kart. The new 200 XRS boasts all the same great features of the old 150 models but with a bigger engine and an overhauled design! This go kart can push 40mphwith an adult driving, climb up to an 18 degree grade with a full sized adult, and haul two full size adults along trails for an adventure packed day in the mountains or dunes. Now with EFI engine for performance and durability.

The Power Adults are Craving

The GY6 engine on this kart a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine rated at 11hp and 169cc. The maximum speed is43mph. An electric ignition makes for easy cranking every time. The fully automatic CVT transmission provides a Forward-Neutral-Reverse configurations means you can drive all day without paying attention to shifting gears--you can actually relax and enjoy the drive! This kart features excellent suspension with tall spindles and long A-arm for a smooth ride. You can tackle any terrain with this full size buggy.

Adult Kart without the Frills

The TrailMaster 200XRSE is part of the Trailmaster Bobcat series lineup. You get all the awesome features of a full size adult go kart with some awesome upgrades, at the price of a base model kart. The Bobcat series was designed for comfort and function without additional, expensive features.

The performance and reliability of the EFI engine with electric start removes the hassle of a carburetor and makes foreasy starting at all altitudes and in most weather conditions. Adjustable rack and pinion steering mimics the steering of automobiles for better maneuverability and a great turn radius. The large aggressive tires provide ultimate traction and climbing; individual sport style bucket seats with 5-point safety harness keep you safe; a polished stainless steel muffler so you can ride in style; an adjustable drivers seat so everyone can drive comfortably; front and rear shock absorbers for a smooth ride on rough terrain.

Heavy Duty Brakes to Stop on a Dime

You'll also get front and read hydraulic disc brakes for a controlled ride and easy stopping; a large utility rack and oversized gas tank-haul your gear and have fuel to ride all day. With the utility hitch, you can even pull a utility trailer or boat, so this kart is perfect for the farm, homestead, RV park or ranch. Don't be fooled by the term "base model"...this kart also has high-low beam headlights, a sunshade canopy top, a rear view mirror and a fenders on all wheels.

Trailmaster Go Karts

Trailmaster Go Karts are known for high performance and reliability. All models are imported from China, but don't let that be a concern. Trailmaster owns their own manufacturing facility where they closely monitor and control every step of the engineering and manufacturing process. With nearly 20 years of experiecne working closely with the Trailmaster team, we are confident that Trailmaster is simply the best. Comparing a Trailmaster to one of the karts you might find in a local farm store is like comparing a hot wheels car to a Ferrari- those other brands are just cheap little toys with no technical support, minimal warranties, and zero parts availability.

Your go-kart will arrive to you mostly assembled. For most go kart models, assembly will take 1-2 hours. Times may vary depending on skill level. Assembly generally includes installing the wheels, upper bars, steering wheel, installing accessories (if applicable) and preparing the kart to drive (add fuel, check oil, set tire pressure). The main frame, engine, drive system, axle, and wiring assembly will have already been completed by TrailMaster at the factory. Your go kart will be shipped to you with liftgate service to get it off the truck. It will arrive in a metal crate covered in cardboard.

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