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Trailmaster Go Karts: Where Adventure Knows No Limits 





If you are looking for family fun and excitement that everyone can enjoy together, we have the perfect solution: Trailmaster Go Karts. Trailmaster offers the best gas powered off road go karts on the market with models available for all ages and capabilities. Don't be afraid of that "Made in China" sticker- Trailmaster is simply the best!

Trailmaster offers a full line up of offroad go karts. Go Kart Masters offers models for kids, go karts for adults, and 4 seater off road buggies for the family. 

 The Trailmaster Legacy

Born from a deep love for the outdoors, Trailmaster was founded with a mission - to unleash the spirit of adventure in every soul. For years, we have been crafting gasoline powered go-karts that redefine the boundaries of exploration, enabling thrill-seekers to traverse the most challenging terrains and embrace the raw power of nature.And now Trailmaster had added a new line of electric go karts as well.


What sets Trailmaster apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and durability. Our go-karts are not just machines; they are your steadfast companions on the roughest journeys. Crafted with robust frames, all-terrain tires, and powerful engines, every Trailmaster go-kart is a testament to our dedication to your safety and enjoyment.


A Range as Diverse as Your Adventures: Explore our impressive lineup of go-karts, each designed to cater to different tastes and preferences:


Trailmaster Mini Series: Perfect for budding adventurers, these go-karts are designed with young thrill-seekers in mind, providing them with a safe and exhilarating introduction to off-roading.


 Trailmaster Blazer  Series: Offering power and agility, these go-karts are favored by those who crave speed and control on challenging terrains. Conquer trails with ease in a Blazer go-kart.


Trailmaster Mid Series: The ideal choice for a versatile off-road experience, these go-karts are equipped to handle various terrains and provide a comfortable ride for explorers of all ages. The all time best selling, number one all around Trailmaster go kart!


 TrailmasteChallenger  Series: For the intrepid adventurers, these go-karts are equipped with powerful engines and advanced features, ensuring you're ready to conquer any trail that dares to challenge you. With a side-by-side look and feel, these machines are the gateway into off roading for youth or budget restrained adults. No more paying $16,000 for a razor when you can buy an affordable Trailmaster machine.


 Trailmaster Mini Bike Series: Beyond go-karts, Trailmaster offers an array of minibikes for those who prefer two-wheeled adventures. These bikes combine rugged durability with exhilarating performance. The Trailmaster MB200 is an industry leader!


Most of the Trailmaster line-up is powered by rugged, reliable gas engines. Gas powered go karts have been a solid form of fun for decades. Trailmaster is now offering many models of electric go karts! 

With Trailmaster, you're not just buying a go-kart; you're investing in a legacy of adventure, trust, and unbridled excitement. Join us on the trail, and let the spirit of exploration guide your path. Trailmaster Go Karts – Where Adventure Knows No Limits. Check out our karts below! Or shop parts here.









Buying a go kart online can be a scary decision because it's such a large ticket item, and it's hard to know who to trust. For peace of mind, Check out our Youtube videos below to see that we are real people, with a real shop, and real expertise on Trailmaster Go Karts. You can watch us expertly assembly different models of trailmaster go karts with easy to understand instructions (plus great tips and tricks learned through decades of experience), watch us ride differently models of Trailmaster go karts to see that we understand how these machine perform, and learn more about who we are as a family and a business!



Watch GoKartMasters Ron and Scott nearly 20 years ago driving some of the same karts we well today! Our technology and editing skills have improved since then, and so have our go karts, but you'll love the action in this old video!





Meet GoKartMaster Scott as he explains who we are and gives some of the history of our business. Learn what we love Trailmaster go karts and learn about the driving force behind our integrity and customer service!





Here's out step by step tutorial on how to assembly a Mid XRX go kart. This is the video we provide to customers when they purchase a new go kart online and need to assemble it upon arrival. As you watch, you'll see how familiar we really are with the Trailmaster go karts. GoKartMasters Scott has assembled thousands of Trailmaster go karts over the years. He knows the correct names for all of the parts, has insider knowledge on the easiest process for assembly, and shares all of our expert tips so that you can enjoy to process! We do our best to make it easy to understand and follow along because we want every single customer to have a great experience when they buy a Trailmaster Go Kart from





best warranty on trailmaster go karts is the best Trailmaster Parts Warehouse online. We stock parts for all Trailmaster go karts and minibikes, as well as Trailmaster UTVs. We are alwasy adding new parts listings. 

Can't find a part? We offer special orders! Submit a request for any Trailmaster part that you don't see listed here. Send a photo, a model number, or just a description and we will find your part!

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