Ages 4-10

Trailmaster Mini Go Karts redefine youthful adventure, offering young thrill-seekers the perfect blend of safety and exhilaration. The ultimate kids go kart can be found right here! These mini go-karts, purpose-built for budding off-road explorers, feature robust construction, all-terrain capability, and user-friendly controls. With an emphasis on durability and performance, Trailmaster Mini Go Karts provide the ideal introduction for kids to the world of off-roading and go karting, instilling confidence in the next generation of adventurers as they embark on their thrilling outdoor journeys.



Learn more about the different models and the size comparison in our videos below.


Learn the difference between the Mini go kart models so you know exactly what you  need and want. Scott explains the different features of the Trailmaster mini karts in detail so you understand the Mini XRS, Mini XRX and Mini XRX-R











Worried about ordering a go kart online, and not sure if you can assemble it yourself? Watch our step by step tutorial on how to assemble a Mini go kart. From start to finish, you can watch GoKartMaster Scott take it out of the crate, assemble it wit expert tips, and make sure everything is safe to ride!





And lastly, make sure a mini kart is right size that you need. Watch our size comparison video where we put some of our own children in different models to see which ones fit the best. We give ages, heights, and skill level so you can better understand the difference between Trailmaster go kart models.






Now that you know all about the Trailmaster Mini Go karts, it's time to shop for your favorite model! 


Trailmaster Mini XRS+




Trailmaster Mini XRX+




Trailmaster Mini XRX-R+





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Let us know how you want to spell it!



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