What Model is My Go Kart?

If you need to order parts for your Trailmaster go kart, it will be necessary to know what model of go kart you have. If you don't have an original purchase invoice or if you bought the Trailmaster go-kart secondhand, you might be wondering how to find out what model go kart you have. The most obvious way to find your go kart model is to look on either side of the main frame or near the front of the body. If this decal is missing, you can use the guide below to help identify your go-kart model.



TrailMaster Mini Size Go Karts

  • Very small - adults cannot fit
  • 5.5 hp engine
  • Built for 4-10 year old
  • Seats are made together in one unit
  • No fenders

Mini XRS Model

  • Tire size on all 4 tires is 4.10-6. Non-directional tires.
  • Pull starter on the engine
  • No battery or headlights
  • Bench style seat slide by loosening a nut on the frame
  • lap style seatbelts

Mini XRS Photos:



Mini XRX Model

  • Battery and electric start (pull start backup)
  • Headlights
  • seat slides on adjustable rails
  • 13" rear tires
  • If your Mini XRX has 16" rear tires, your go kart is most likely the plus (+) model, or has had the rear axle upgraded.
  • 5-point harness seat belts

Mini XRX Photos



Mini XRX-R Model

  • All features of the Mini XRX with the addition of:
  • Shifter in the floorboard for forward, neutral, reverse
  • Silver gear box on the backside of the engine
  • Chain adjuster/engine mount attaches to silver gearbox with a wide flat  bracket(Non-revese model attaches to the engine mount plate and has a round bracket)
  • 13" rear tires
  • If your Mini XRX has 16" rear tires, your go kart is most likely the plus (+) model, or has had the rear axle upgraded.
  • 5-poin harness seatbelts



Mini XRS



Mini XRX, Mini XRX+, Mini XRX-R, Mini XRX-R+ (Same frame and size)


TrailMaster Mid XRS:

  • Pull start only
  • No lights, no battery, no key
  • Bench seat
  • Rear Tire: 16x6.00-8
  • Front Tire: 145/70-6



TrailMaster Mid XRX & Mid XRX/R, also Blazer 200, Blazer 200R

  • Built for 8-12 year olds, average adult can fit to drive
  • 6.5 horse power Honda clone style engine
  • Pull start on the engine
  • Electric start
  • Driver's seat: quick adjust lever on adjustable rails
  • Lights & Horn
  • Rear Tires: 16x7.00-8
  • Front Tires: 16x6.00-8
  • All 4 fenders are the same size
  • Mid XRX-R and Blazer 200R models have a silver reverse gear box on the rear of the engine
  • Older models have 3-point harnesses but newer models have 5 point harnesses
  • All of the above, plus: Sport seats, big fenders with graphics, front bumper cover/hood = Blazer 200 or Blazer 200R (Different from a Blazer 200X or Blazer 200EX)

TrailMaster 150 XRS & 150 XRX, 200 XRS & 200 XRX, Blazer 200X & Blazer 200EX

  • Electric start only - No pull start
  • Full size kart for teens and adults
  • GY6 150cc ATV style engine
  • Exhaust on driver's side of engine (300 models are on same frame, but exhaust is on the passenger side)
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • 4 or 5 point seat belt harness
  • Rear Tire: 22x10-10 
  • Front Tire: 20x700-8 
  • Polished aluminum wheels, upper lights, horn, speedometer, front skid plate (These feature are on the XRX model)
  • No carburetor= E model, e.g. 200 XRX-E (EFI) If your fuel tank has a fuel pump that attaches to the bottom with 4 screws, you have an EFI model. Carburetor models have a silver fuel valve on bottom of tank.
  • All of the above plus: front bumper cover and hood,  performance gas shocks, fenders with graphics = Blazer 200X

TrailMaster 300 XRX

  • Liquid cooled - radiator 
  • exhaust on passenger side of engine
  • No tilt steering wheel
  • independent rear suspension
  • Digital speedometer with engine and fan indicator lights, blinker switch under dash

TrailMaster 110 XRX

  • Electric start only - No pull rope
  • 2 or 3 speed transmission with reverse
  • Rear Tires: 16x700
  • Front Tires: 16x600

TrailMaster Challenger 150/200: 

  • The challenger is not a go kart model.
  • It is considered a youth  UTV.
  • Air Cooled. No Radiator.
  • plastic body pieces
  • Models prior to 2020 have a flat bar below LED light bar, windshield sit under this bar
  • 2020 models and later have a rounded bar that sticks out past the LED light bar and tapers back in on either side of the light bar. This is important for some parts, especially the canopy tops.

TrailMaster Challenger 300:

  • The challenger is not considered a go kart model
  • It is considered a UTV
  • Liquid Cooled. Radiator. 

If you have any uncertainty or questions about which model you have, please email a few photos to with the message "can you help me identify my model?" 



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