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    5 Stars

Mini XRX/R Go Kart

Posted by Ron on Sep 20th 2023

"Exactly what I expected and we are excited to have some good times with it."


  5 Stars


Posted by Alex H on Mar 11th 2023

"Great little go kart, our kids enjoy it every time we take it out." 


    5 Stars

Great customer service and fast shipping thanks

Posted by Loren on Dec 19th 2022

"Awesome thanks!"


    5 Stars

TrailMaster Mid XRX

Posted by Carl Neidengard on Sep 14th 2023

"We are incredibly impressed and thrilled with, their customer support communication, and our new go kart, a red TrailMaster Mid XRX. Great job on the YouTube video to demonstrate which size kart is appropriate for different aged and heights. The instructions, both printed and video, were well done and helpful. This was a great bonding build for this father and my sons. God bless your family and thank you for the stickers, coloring book, and t shirt! A wonderful and exciting experience to build and ride. Already plan to buy another go kart from y’all when boys need larger size…or sooner do parents can race the boys !"


    5 Stars

Trail master mid xrx

Posted by Unknown on Sep 10th 2017

"Quality product. My four year old loves it and so do I. Very fast shipping. I definitely recommend this product."



   5 Stars

Assembly Instructions

Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2015

"The Mid XRX go-kart is great, but the assembly instructions that came with it from TrailMaster leave a lot to be desired. However, sent a more detailed assembly guide with pictures making assembly a breeze. The kids love their new go-kart!"


    4 Stars

Decent Kart for the Price

Posted by Nate on Dec 27th 2016

"GoKartMasters have been great to work with, and that's always a key plus! I would purchase from these guys again. 30 days into having this kart, I give it 4 stars on performance. It appears to be built fairly well and the engine runs good. The choke leaves a bit to be desired, and the kart will take a few cranks to get started the first time. The description says up to 30mph, but you won't be getting close to that number with an adult and child on board. Assembly- Don't let anyone fool you...with the correct assortment of tools and two solidly minded adults, this product took 2-1/2 hours to put together. Thanks to gokartmasters for this, because the instructions they send you are very detailed vs. the instructions from the manufacturer. A key note here: they've got the instructions for the tires and fenders backwards, which added a solid 30 minutes to our assembly. PUT YOUR FENDERS ON FIRST. If you put the tires on first, like the instructions call for, you'll need some really fancy tool accessories to get to the tight screw holes for the fenders, or more likely, you'll just pull the tires back off to put the fenders on. Oh- for those of you wondering if the $150 charge for the reverse feature is worth it--- YES. And yes some more. We've used it every single time we've ran the kart. The short on this is you're getting a solid kart for the $$$ from a company that stands behind their products and customers. Their are lots of .coms out there carrying this item, but dig a little and you'll find that is the best choice across the board."


    5 Stars

Great cart with a warranty that is NO JOKE!

Posted by Rob on Dec 1st 2016

"I purchased a mid xrx-r for my daughters about 5 months ago. This has been a great cart for them. I can barely fit in it as I am 6'0 for I was able to squeeze in to help teach them how to drive it. For the price I expected a solid cart with a dependable engine and drive system and that is what I got. The only minor issue I had is that the battery took a crap on my. No big deal except that the only writing on the battery is Chinese. I contacted the company purely to find out the specs on the battery so that I could go buy a new one here it town. Upon contacting the company I was informed that the company stood by their warranty 110% and that they would be sending me a new battery at no charge. I was in no way expecting that and didn't even ask for it, but I was informed that the company stands by their warranty and that is how they take care of their customers. I will be coming back when my girls out grow this cart."


    5 Stars


Posted by Alicia on Aug 30th 2016

"My son absolutely loves this, he's been on it since it arrived! The staff have been very helpful answering any questions and respond very quickly to phone calls and emails. Great customer service and awesome product. Thanks"


   5 Stars

Two Different Ages

Posted by Jillian on Aug 9th 2016

"The Mid XRX-R is definitely a perfect fit for our nine-year-old. The seat is adjustable so that our five-year-old can reach and drive too. It's convenient that the top speed can be adjusted easily on the backside of the gas pedal."

    5 Stars

Outstanding Kart

Posted by Unknown on Jan 1st 2016

"Boys haven't stopped since I put together. Couldn't be more Happy. Love it"


    5 Stars

Worth the Money

Posted by Unknown on Nov 10th 2015

Kart runs good and looks even better. Just the right size for your older kids or the smaller adult.


    5 Stars


Posted by David Leon on May 24th 2023

purchased this for my Grand-Daughter. After 3 minutes of instruction,she took off and has never looked back. lucky to have 20 acres of non farming land with a small woods.runs great and looks even better. made a path thru the woods and on the open land. she will not get off,even thru supper. She loves this machine. didn't take long for the neighborhood kids to spend their time over waiting their turn. I've been accused of spoiling my Grand-Daughter , however that is what G'pa's are for. we have never been so happy with any company as we are with gokartmasters for their help, service, and dedication to their customers. we were not forgotten after sales. now looking forward to purchase the 300 series for the adults. will never go anywhere else. Thank You to all at gokart masters.


    5 Stars


Posted by John carter on Aug 3rd 2019

Very nice cart. Grandson loves it.


    5 Stars

Almost Perfect

Posted by Brian on Dec 31st 2017

Great Go-Kart. Arrived very well packed on a pallet and inside a steel cage. Getting it out of the packaging took about as long as the remaining assembly. No final assembly instructions came with the unit, but it wasn't difficult to figure out where things went. I am very disappointed in the 5 point seatbelts! They do not fit a normal 9-12 yr old boy. They fit me, at 190lbs and 5'9! The belts do not allow enough adjustment, so I had to modify they way they are installed so they can then fit kids somewhat snug. Other than the seatbelts I'm certainly glad I went with the 200 cc engine and upgraded blazer. All the kids in my community are having a blast. Even my 7 yr old who is below avg height, with the seat all the way forward, can drive the cart around.



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