TrailMaster Blazer 200R Go Kart w/ Reverse

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This kart brings all the fun of a Mid XRXR go kart with the bonus of looking so much cooler! If you're looking for a side-by-side style machine but love the Trailmaster go karts, this is the perfect combination.

Trailmaster Blazer 200R Mid Size Sports Buggy

The TrailMaster Blazer 200R is the Mid XRX-R go kart plus the addition of a front hood and rear fenders with graphics. The Blazer 200R also comes with matching sport seats to complete the sporty look and upgrade your ride.You will be the talk of the town in this new stylish go kart design. The TrailMaster 200R Blazer will arrive to your door with most of the assembly already done at the factory. The wheels and tires, shocks and fenders will come installed. The top bars and canopy top will be the only items that need to be assembled. 

Assembly is a breeze on the TrailMaster Blazer 200R go kart. 

Premium Comfort & Safety
This offroad go-kart was designed for a 6 year old to a 12 year old rider but can accomodate a small to average size adult. This kart has an adjustable driver's seat so that two different sized riders can ride without being uncomfortable. The Blazer 200R has high side rails, tall top bars for plenty of head room and 5-point seat belts for a safe and comfortable ride. This go kart has large tires and awesome fenders with graphics and can handle the terrain of open grass fields, gravel driveways, pastures and intermediate trails. 

Performance & Handling Are Industry Leading
The TrailMaster Blazer 200R is built tough with an automotive inspired steering and front suspension. The front spindles are tall, which add strength, and the rack and pinion makes for quick and easy turning. The TrailMaster Blazer 200R incorporates a short wheel base for tight turns. The top speed of the 200R is easily adjusted at the pedal from 30 mph down to 8 miles per hour. The Blazer's engine is one of the most popular designs in the world with all parts readily available. The TrailMaster Blazer 200R comes to a quick stop with hydraulic disc brakes for both rear wheels.

  CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS*** Trailmaster go karts are not CARB compliant. You may purchase these karts for use on public property. you WILL NOT be able to register these karts with the California DMV, so you will not be able to ride on public property or roads. It is your responsibility to limit your riding to private property. Go Kart Masters is not liable for your actions if you choose not to comply with this guideline.

Product Highlights:

  • Double Sport Seats - Color
  • Matching Front Panel & Rear Fenders
  • Automatic Transmission with Reverse
  • Dual Wheel Drive
  • Full Suspension
  • Electric Start with Recoil Backup
  • Rack & Pinion Steering
  • Dual A-Arm Suspension
  • Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 5pt.Seat Belt Harness
  • Knobby Tires
  • Rear Utility Rack

Your go-kart will arrive to you mostly assembled. For most go kart models, assembly will take 1-2 hours. Times may vary depending on skill level. Assembly generally includes installing the wheels, upper bars, steering wheel, installing accessories (if applicable) and preparing the kart to drive (add fuel, check oil, set tire pressure). The main frame, engine, drive system, axle, and wiring assembly will have already been completed by TrailMaster at the factory. Your go kart will be shipped to you with liftgate service to get it off the truck. It will arrive in a metal crate covered in cardboard. For more information, shoot us an email at to have someone contact you via phone! 


Hands-On  Trailmaster Research
One of the best features about the TrailMaster Blazer 200R is that the go kart comes almost fully assembled. The top bars and canopy top are the only thing that will need to be installed when the go kart arrives. The TrailMaster Blazer 200R go-kart features a very simple CVT drive system which is superior to the 110cc and 125cc go-karts with complicated gearboxes that are difficult to operate and know to have excessive failures. The 200R electrical system is simple. The go kart can still be operated even if all of the wires are removed because of the pull recoil starter and self-contained engine (ignition, carburetor, and muffler are made to the engine). The TrailMaster Blazer 200R is tough and loaded with standard features including reverse. 

Our Team
At, you will get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have assembled, serviced and tested the products ourselves before deciding to sell them exclusively online. Our go-kart industry experience is second to none. We stay on top of new products and designs to help people make informed choices. 


Your go-kart will arrive to you mostly assembled. For most go kart models, assembly will take 1-2 hours. Times may vary depending on skill level. Assembly generally includes installing the wheels, upper bars, steering wheel, installing accessories (if applicable) and preparing the kart to drive (add fuel, check oil, set tire pressure). The main frame, engine, drive system, axle, and wiring assembly will have already been completed by TrailMaster at the factory.



 TrailMaster Mid Go Kart Comparison Chart

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  Mid XRS Mid XRX Mid XRX-R Blazer 200R
Recommended Age
6-12 Year Old. Adult.
Size Medium
Horsepower 6.5 HP
Engine 4-Stroke, Air Cooled
Maximum Speed 30 mph
Final Drive Heavy Duty 420 Chain
Transmission Automatic CVT Automatic CVT Automatic CVT Automatic CVT
Brakes Rear Hydraulic Disc. 2 Wheels.
Seats 2 - Bench 2 - Bucket 2 - Bucket 2 - Sport Bucket
Seat Belts 3-Point 5-Point 5-Point 5-Point
Seat to Pedal Distance 34" - 37" 34"-39" 34"-39" 34"-39"
Adjustable Seat Yes - Bolts Slide Adjust Slide Adjust Slide Adjust
Headlights No Yes - LED Yes - LED Yes - LED
Remote Start/Stop No No No No
Horn No Yes Yes Yes
Electric Start No Yes Yes Yes
Neutral Gear No No Yes Yes
Reverse No No Yes Yes
Speed Governor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pull  Start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fenders No Yes Yes Yes - Sport Rear
Rear Rack No No No No
Canopy Top No Yes Yes Yes
Wheel Base 49"
L x W x H 67" x 44" x 51"
Wheel Size 13" & 16" 16" 16"

Warranty Information

This go kart is covered by the Master Warranty, a 12 month bumper to bumper coverage on any and all manufacturers defects. It includes personalized technical support, free shipping on warranty parts, and guaranteed coverage for the first 12 months. There is no need to register, as your warranty is filed upon purchase.


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  • 5

    Posted by David Leon on May 24th 2023

    purchased this for my Grand-Daughter. After 3 minutes of instruction,she took off and has never looked back. lucky to have 20 acres of non farming land with a small woods.runs great and looks even better. made a path thru the woods and on the open land. she will not get off,even thru supper. She loves this machine. didn't take long for the neighborhood kids to spend their time over waiting their turn. I've been accused of spoiling my Grand-Daughter , however that is what G'pa's are for. we have never been so happy with any company as we are with gokartmasters for their help, service, and dedication to their customers. we were not forgotten after sales. now looking forward to purchase the 300 series for the adults. will never go anywhere else. Thank You to all at gokart masters.

  • 5

    Posted by John carter on Aug 3rd 2019

    Very nice cart. Grandson loves it.

  • 5
    Almost Perfect

    Posted by Brian on Dec 31st 2017

    Great Go-Kart. Arrived very well packed on a pallet and inside a steel cage. Getting it out of the packaging took about as long as the remaining assembly. No final assembly instructions came with the unit, but it wasn't difficult to figure out where things went. I am very disappointed in the 5 point seatbelts! They do not fit a normal 9-12 yr old boy. They fit me, at 190lbs and 5'9! The belts do not allow enough adjustment, so I had to modify they way they are installed so they can then fit kids somewhat snug. Other than the seatbelts I'm certainly glad I went with the 200 cc engine and upgraded blazer. All the kids in my community are having a blast. Even my 7 yr old who is below avg height, with the seat all the way forward, can drive the cart around.

  • 4
    Very nice overall but a couple important points

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2016

    The fit and finish of this Buggy is really good and is very sporty. Add the sport hub caps and it looks 10x better than the standard Mid. It was relatively easy to put together and ran good right out of the box. One note would be that if your rider is smaller than 48" tall they may struggle to reach the pedals even with the seat all the way forward. Couple things to watch out for. The parking brake is a alligator toothed stamped steel piece that can flip up easily while riding and lock the brakes which could cause serious issues. It happened to my grandson and after I accused him of riding the brakes because they smelled like they were burnt up, I took it off. The electric start isn't very good at starting the engine without starting fluid. It doesn't spin the motor fast enough to get going. I found a simple pull start with the choke on works every time. Or you can use starting fluid and the electric start...your choice. Really happy overall, just needed to work thru a couple issues. My grandson is only 6 but he had a Mini XRX and has been driving for 3 years. He loves the Blazer 200 (essentially a Mid) and it's plenty fast enough for kids up to 10-12 in my opinion.