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Great Go-Karts & Expert Go-Kart Advice
Our experts help you pick the ideal go kart for your needs. We've been a company of go-kart enthusiasts and the outdoors since we first started tinkering with small engines and go-karts in 1970. Our staff really knows the go karts because we have decades of hands-on experience in selling, manufacturing, shipping, servicing, repairing, overhauling, designing, supplying parts and riding go-karts on our own personal time. Our own children ride these karts so we know exactly what they can handle and which models they can fit. If you have any questions about the right kart for your child, we can give you real honest answers based on real life experiences.


Lifetime Go Kart Support
Free tech support for the life of your go-kart. Have questions about your new go kart? You get free lifetime techical support for every go kart you purchase from Our in-house, United States-based Tech Support team is available to answer all of your questions. When you call or email us, you will speak directly to an owner-operator. Our go-kart experts have detailed go kart knowledge and information and we handle a fully stocked parts warehouse very single day. We can help you with go kart assembly, troubleshooting or everyday use. We have created Go Kart Masters Academy on YouTube so that you will have easy access to a wealth of go-kart knowledge.


Trusted Since 1970
Our go kart customers have trusted us with their small engine equipment and go-karts, and they have helped us become one of the top go kart retailers in the country. 



Factory Authorized Go Kart Dealer is an Authorized Internet Retailer for TrailMaster go-karts. As a factory Authorized Retailer, your go-kart warranty will be honored. It's that simple. Some manufacturers won't honor a request for a go kart warranty at all. As an Authorized Retailer, we continually go through go kart training and have hands-on experience from setup and assembly to repairing the go kart years from now. As an Authorized Retailer, we are typically able to inform consumers of product improvements or modifications. 



Some questions to ask other dealers:

How long have you been selling go-karts? Nowadays, your 11 year old kid can create a website. We have been selling go-karts for over 40 years! It's tough to find any business in any industry that can compare to our experience. 

If there's a problem, who can you call for help? Many people like to tell you that they'll be there for you when you need help but rarely is this true. Those that purchase from receive toll-free access to our Techinical Service staff for a lifetime. We provide real solutions to real problems no matter how basic or complex the issue. Test this out. Try our live chat or give us a call.


Check out our staff page to see our Masters- our family is here to support you!

Can you explain your money back guarantee policy?
Some online retailers offer a money back guarantee. Read the fine print. You will be responsible for the return freight in most cases. Instead of a money back guarantee, we offer the industry leading warranty- and we actually honor it! WE stand behind the products that we sell and our warranty is proof that we expect your kart to meet your expectations.

Why do you sell so many different brands of go karts?
At, we know and believe that TrailMaster go-karts are the best in the industry. There is no reason to sell another brand. The End.

How long is your "FREE" Warranty?
All of our go-karts have an Industry Best 1 year limited warranty. FREE! Most retailers offer a free 30 day warranty and charge you huge fees for the same wararnty that we offer at no additional cost to you.


Where does your high retail price come from?
Don't be fooled by ridiculously high MSRP or Retail prices on other dealer's sites. These are usually random numbers that they come up with to make it seem like you're gettting an excellent deal. We offer the same prices without all of the fluff. They only want to have a a fake markdown so it seems like a good deal. If you check around, all of the online dealers have the same price! ITs the value that's provided that makes a difference.

What is the best brand? Why?
Go ahead, ask them. We double dog dare you. You will get a different answer everytime you call because more times than not, the person answering the phone has never seen the go-kart or ATV that they're selling. They simply sell SKUs and have no clue the difference in brands. 




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