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Go Kart Masters Garage from is the ultimate wealth of knowledge for your all of your go-kart needs. This page will walk you through the ins and outs of our website, go-karts, maintenance, service and part installation. We are just getting started with this section of our website. New pages and information will be added constantly. Check back often for updates!

New Go-Kart Ordering

-Go Kart Ordering - Things to Know
-My Payment Will Not Process
-What is Shipping Policy?
-Go Kart Warranty Policy & Procedure

New Go-Kart Owners

-New Go Kart Setup Tips
-Break In Period - TrailMaster 150 Go Karts
-Break In Period - TrailMaster Mid Go Karts
-Break In Period - TrailMaster Mini Go Karts
-Go Kart Keys to Success
-Go Kart Safety
-Pre-Drive Inspection
Starting Procedures

Tips & Tricks

-Routine Go Kart Maintenance
-Go Kart Fuel Advice
-Keep Your Go Kart Looking Good
-Go Kart Battery Tips
Washing Your Go-Kart
-What Model is My Go Kart?


-My Mid Go-Kart Belt Keeps Breaking
-Engine Turns Over But Won't Run
-150 Won't Shift - Grinding Noise


Video Tutorials

150 XRX & 150 XRS

-Adjust a Loose Chain
-Keep the Engine from Overheating - Remove Debris
-Runs Rough & Oil in Air Filter Box
-Adjust Shifter Cables - Won't Shift - Grinding Noise


Mini XRX-R, Mini XRX & Mini XRS

-Learn How to Adjust a Mini Go Kart Chain
-Slow Down My TrailMaster Mini Go-Kart



 Mid XRS, XRX, XRX-R & Blazer 200R

-Service a Mid Go-Kart Torque Converter
Adjust Choke Cable
-How to Adjust the Top Speed
Properly Install the Bar Bolts

-Clean the Fuel Valve Bowl
-Drain the Carburetor Bowl
-Replace the Carburetor
-Replace/Install the Rear Wheel
-Remove & Replace the Front Wheel
-Replace the Front Spindle and Strut
-Correctly Install a Canopy Top
-How to Replace the Starting Solenoid
-Replace Muffler/Exhaust
-Adjust the Chain
-Check & Change the Oil

YouTube Channel

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