null currently has over 3000 Trailmaster go kart parts available to purchase. However, there are plenty that we don't have listed yet. We work directly with Trailmaster to provide OEM parts. Anything you need, we can get it for you!


If you need a Trailmaster parts, click the button to submit a part request. You can also submit a photo for help with identification of your model or part. 

Go Kart Masters Garage

Go Kart Masters Garage is now GoKart Masters Academy. Visit our YouTube channel for training and tutorials on all things Trailmaster Go Karts. You'll find szie comparisons between models, assembly instructions, maintenance tips and tricks and more!


Go Kart Masters Garage from is the ultimate wealth of knowledge for your all of your go-kart needs. This page will walk you through the ins and outs of our website, go-karts, maintenance, service and part installation. We are just getting started with this section of our website. New pages and information will be added constantly. Check back often for updates!

New Go-Kart Ordering

-Go Kart Ordering - Things to Know
-My Payment Will Not Process
-What is Shipping Policy?
-Go Kart Warranty Policy & Procedure

New Go-Kart Owners

-New Go Kart Setup Tips
-Break In Period - TrailMaster 150 Go Karts
-Break In Period - TrailMaster Mid Go Karts
-Break In Period - TrailMaster Mini Go Karts
-Go Kart Keys to Success
-Go Kart Safety
-Pre-Drive Inspection
Starting Procedures

Tips & Tricks

-Routine Go Kart Maintenance
-Go Kart Fuel Advice
-Keep Your Go Kart Looking Good
-Go Kart Battery Tips
Washing Your Go-Kart
-What Model is My Go Kart?


-My Mid Go-Kart Belt Keeps Breaking
-Engine Turns Over But Won't Run
-150 Won't Shift - Grinding Noise


Video Tutorials

150 XRX & 150 XRS

-Adjust a Loose Chain
-Keep the Engine from Overheating - Remove Debris
-Runs Rough & Oil in Air Filter Box
-Adjust Shifter Cables - Won't Shift - Grinding Noise


Mini XRX-R, Mini XRX & Mini XRS

-Learn How to Adjust a Mini Go Kart Chain
-Slow Down My TrailMaster Mini Go-Kart



 Mid XRS, XRX, XRX-R & Blazer 200R

-Service a Mid Go-Kart Torque Converter
Adjust Choke Cable
-How to Adjust the Top Speed
Properly Install the Bar Bolts

-Clean the Fuel Valve Bowl
-Drain the Carburetor Bowl
-Replace the Carburetor
-Replace/Install the Rear Wheel
-Remove & Replace the Front Wheel
-Replace the Front Spindle and Strut
-Correctly Install a Canopy Top
-How to Replace the Starting Solenoid
-Replace Muffler/Exhaust
-Adjust the Chain
-Check & Change the Oil

YouTube Channel

Check out for Official Service Bulletin updates.


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