Washing Your Go Kart

Everyone likes to play in the mud with their go kart on occasion, but mud can be the enemy to your go kart if not washed off in a timely manner. Mud is like liquid sandpaper and eats away at moving parts like chains, sprockets, brakes, seals, etc. Mud needs to be removed from these parts as soon as possible. However, excessive washing is not a good idea either. Below are a few tips to follow while keeping your go kart clean.

  1. Remove mud as soon as possible.
  2. Be sure to wash the brakes, chain and sprockets.
  3. It is okay to leave the engine running while washing.
  4. If using high pressure water or a pressure washer, keep wand 3 feet away from the go kart especially from bearings, seals, engine, etc. 
  5. Do not get water in the air intake (air filter), muffler or belt vents (150cc go karts).
  6. If you turned the go kart off to wash, start and warm up the engine immediately after washing.
  7. Dry the go-kart before storing or putting in a garage, basement or storage shed
  8. When possible, leave the go kart outside to dry on a sunny day
  9. Lubricate the chain after washing
  10. WD-40 works well for dispersing water.

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