TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike

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Product Overview


The TrailMaster Mini Bike is old school design with modern technology. A simple machine to have fun on and get you where you want to go at a price that doesn't break the bank. With its large all terrain tires and CVT drive system, you can hit the trail with confidence. This mini bike goes places that scooters can't. Its lightweight and compact size allow for easy transport and storage. Your 10 year old will have a blast on the TrailMaster mini bike exploring the trails. The TrailMaster mini bike is also suited for adults to get around the farm or race track pits or to take RVing so you can get to your favorite fishing hole without so much walking.

Premium Comfort & Safety
This offroad mini bike was designed for the 10 year old and up. You should always wear a D.O.T. approved motorcycle helmet and protective clothing and boots while riding the TrailMaster MB200-2 mini bike. The large ATV tires grip the loose and rough terrain. The front oil-filled forks and rear shocks soak up the bumps. The MB200-2 mini bike also has a hand operated brake, so you don't have to lift your foot from the pegs to stop. The off switch is conveniently located on the handlebars and can be operated by thumb. The TrailMaster MB200-2 has protective chain and sprocket guards, belt guard and muffler guard. The folding foot pegs on the TrailMaster mini bike are designed to fold into place when hit by objects, and the large fenders help to keep debris off of the rider. There is also a headlight, that runs continuously, to get you back home after dark.  

The TrailMaster mini bike is built tough with wide fork, real triple clamps and sturdy adjustable handlebar mounts. The CVT drive system delivers unmatched pulling ability in a small package. The rugged, fat tire mini bike was designed to be simple and low maintenance with only a few wires, no battery and not a lot of plastic to break and fall off. This simple mini bike is a two wheel dream.  


Product Highlights:

  • Fully Automatic Transmission
  • CVT Belt Drive
  • Front Headlight
  • Rear Cargo Rack
  • Rear Suspension
  • Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Oversize Knobby Tires


Engine Specifications Chassis Specifications Dimensions
Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder Clutch: Automatic Wheelbase: 45.28"
Cooling: Air Cooled Drive: Rear Wheel Drive L x W x H 66" x 39" x 31.5"
Horsepower: 6.5 hp Brakes: Rear Disc/Hydr Weight: 168 lbs.
Starting System: Recoil Front Tire: 19 x 7 - 8 Max Load: 200 lbs.
Battery: N/A Rear Tire: 19 x 7 - 8 Ground Clearance: 6.7"
Engine Oil: 10W30 Fuel Capacity: 0.95 Gallon    

Hands-On Research
This is a great little mini bike. Very simple and clean design. No extra stuff to wear out or tear up. The price tag on this mini bike won't break the bank.

  CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS*** Trailmaster go karts are not CARB compliant. You may purchase these karts for use on public property. you WILL NOT be able to register these karts with the California DMV, so you will not be able to ride on public property or roads. It is your responsibility to limit your riding to private property. Go Kart Masters is not liable for your actions if you choose not to comply with this guideline.


Our Team
At, you will get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have assembled, serviced and tested the products ourselves before deciding to sell them exclusively online. Our powersport industry experience is second to none. We stay on top of new products and designs to help people make informed choices.




Your mini bike will arrive to you mostly assembled. For most mini bike models, assembly will take 1-2 hours. Times may vary depending on skill level. The main frame, engine, drive system and wiring assembly will be completed by TrailMaster at the factory.





Warranty Information

This go kart is covered by the Master Warranty, a 12 month bumper to bumper coverage on any and all manufacturers defects. It includes personalized technical support, free shipping on warranty parts, and guaranteed coverage for the first 12 months. There is no need to register, as your warranty is filed upon purchase.

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  • 5
    Great bang for the buck!

    Posted by Matt G. on Oct 7th 2017

    Ordered my black MB200-2 on a Monday evening and received it via UPS freight on Friday. Gokartmasters kept me up to date via email and a tracking number. Bike arrived in perfect condition with no damage. After I unboxed it I noticed that no instructions were included, however there are several manuals online that can be easily found. Either way, all that needs to be done out of the crate is to attach the handle bars, rear shocks, plus the front fender and wheel. Also mine was overfilled with oil but I was planning on draining it anyway and did a fresh fill with 10w-30. Make sure you do the same, and the oil is not included. The build quality seems very good. The only other part of the bike I needed to mess with was the throttle linkage that is bolted behind the carb. The 10mm nut was too tight on the top of the linkage and it wouldn't allow the throttle lever to release completely, so my bike was idling very high and could just barely go by itself without me touching the throttle. A few turns to loosen the nut is all it needed. Definitely check your linkage, as the last thing you want is a runaway bike. Lastly, I also had to adjust the idle screw about a half turn clockwise to get a proper idle. I wasn't expecting such a solid feeling machine for the price but I am pleasantly surprised. The throttle is very smooth and the torque converter makes the bike a joy to ride. Out of the box there is good power to climb hills. The full suspension and plush seat make the ride extremely comfortable. The riding position is natural and comfortable. Height is perfect. Also I wasn't expecting there to be front and rear foot pegs. The rear drum brake is silent on mine and stops the bike effortlessly. It also allows better access to the valve stem on the rear tire, versus the other brands that use a rear disc brake. All in all, I think this mini bike is probably the best bang for the buck since it already includes the torque converter plus the full suspension. If you want more braking there are people that have changed to a rear wheel up front and have therefore added a front drum brake. Personally, I will probably upgrade the exhaust to a header pipe and upgrade the air intake and carb jetting as well. There is a ton of aftermarket support for this bike and you could mod to your hearts content. We will see how it holds up over time but thankfully parts for this bike are cheap and it has a solid reputation. Best of luck! Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Full size minibike for a full size kid (adult)

    Posted by David Rowe on Aug 4th 2017

    I purchased the Trailmaster MB200-2 from and took delivery 5 business days after ordering. I placed my order on Saturday and Gokartmasters shipped the bike on Monday via UPS freight. I received an email on Monday showing the shipped status and a UPS tracking number. UPS freight called me on Wednesday to arrange delivery and I was able to schedule it for Friday morning. They arrived Friday morning with a liftgate truck and was able to drop the pallet right up in front of my garage door. The bike arrived in factory condition with no damage and I would call this excellent shipping and delivery. The Trailmaster MB200-2 arrived partially assembled in its factory metal crate which was placed on a wood pallet. I was able to unbolt and remove the metal crate and assemble the bike in about 30 minutes using 12mm and 14mm ratchets and box end wrenches. The front axle nut was a larger 17mm (I think that's what it was). All needed hardware was included. Assembly consisted of: * Attach the top of the rear shocks (lift up on the bike, attach shocks) * Attach the handlebar assembly (bars already have all items attached, just bolt them on) * Attach the front fender (3 bolts) * Install front tire (axle bolt slides through then attach nut) * Check all bolts for tightness (I didn't find any that needed tightening) I took my time and was in no rush and as I said, it took me about 30 minutes. The assembly is simple and I did reference the setup guide to make sure I was assembling in the correct sequence. I was expecting the oil to be empty, but there was oil in the engine. I changed the oil out before I ran it and I am changing it again after the first hour of use. I don't know if this is required, this is just me being the way I am. Oil is not expensive and changing it is simple. The drain plug is at the bottom of the front of the engine and once removed, the oil ran down into my drain pan. There is no frame or mounting plate directly under the drain plug like some machines which is excellent - the oil has a straight shot to the drain pan (no mess). Filling the gas tank takes a gas can with a longer spout. The gas cap is directly under the faux gas tank so you have to come in from the side. My gas can has about a 10" spout and I was able to fill the tank without any spillage, but I had to be careful. Some people have removed the faux gas tank permanently so solve this. After oil and gas were filled, I used the slide levers on the side of the engine to turn on the gas and activate the choke. The engine started on the second pull and I deactivated the choke once it was running. It sounded strong and responded to the twist throttle well. I checked the brakes by squeezing the brake lever attached to the left of the handlebar and found that the brakes needed to be adjusted. The brakes are on the rear tire of the MB200-2 and are drum brakes. There is an adjustment nut on the end of the brake rod and I was able to turn it in one full turn by hand without a tool. I checked the brakes again and they were now feeling better. They can stop the rear tire from rotating when activated all the way. I have now ridden the bike for about 1 hour total and I'm impressed with the quality. I haven't found anything that is in need of immediate attention and the first hour of operation have been trouble free. I took it to our local little league fields that flank my neighborhood and was able to run it all around the grass fields and up a 100 foot hill that is at about a 45 degree climb. The bike goes up the hill without any problem from the bottom at a dead stop start. I weigh 190lbs and the bike is able to move around with me on it easily. It has good power and top speed is only limited by the governor. Of course I took it down the road and you can feel and hear the governor holding the RPMs to the set speed. It feels fast enough for me and I'm a life long powersports owner starting with minibikes, motocross bikes, 4 wheelers, go karts, and V8 powered classic cars - so I now what speed and power feel like. The suspension is a real plus on this bike and makes the bumpy grass fields feel really smooth. I am glad that I spent the extra $ for the MB2000-2 to get the front and rear suspension and I would highly recommend that you do the same. Overall I recommend this bike if you're in the market for a minibike that is big enough for an adult. I am 6 feet tall and I sit comfortably on this bike. For a youngster, they would have a lot of room on this as they grow up and it could last years. If you're in the market - go ahead and buy this one you'll love it!

  • 4
    Fast shipping trustworthy dealer.

    Posted by Steve on Aug 4th 2017

    Ordered the Trailmaster mini bike on a Sunday night for my sons 13 birthday. On Tuesday I received a call from UPS scheduling a delivery date. Received the bike on Thursday promptly at 11:30AM as requested. The bike comes equipped with a torque coverter and front/rear suspension putting it heads above the competition. It required minor assembly which took about 30 minutes . My only complaint is the brake squeaks . I subsequently removed the rear tire and cleaned the brake hub. It helped but did not cure the problem . My son loves the bike and I would definitely recommend go kart masters as a trustworthy and reputable company.

  • 4

    Posted by David on Aug 3rd 2017

    lots of fun but the cvt drive belt started slipping and smoking have not had time to look into why yet

best warranty on trailmaster go karts