Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have such bad reviews on BBB from 2021 and 2022?

This is a great question and legitimate concern. If you are researching our business while shopping for go karts online, you may come across then BBB website with some scathing reviews calling us a scam and thieves. Many customers ordered go karts and parts from during that time and never received anything, nor could they get in touch with anyone to fix it. Unfortunately, all of these reviews are true. However, there is a good explanation and resolution. The back story is that in 2021, our founder, owner, and sole operator at the time had a stroke and was hospitalized for several months. he was partially paralyzed as a result. Because he ran the business and shipped all orders himself, there was no one else to shut the website down or provide customer service, and no one realized what was happening. By July of 2022, the business was nearly bankrupt from all of the chargebacks and refunds. Thankfully someone finally realized and shut the website off so no more orders could come in. That's when Scott and Kim took over. By September 2022, they had the site back up and running, all previous customer support issues resolved and all money refunded as necessary. Since then we have been rebuilding and growing, and that is why you won't see any further terrible reviews or claims of a scam since that time. 


How does the whole hipping process work?

When you place your order on our site, you will immediately receive an automated order confirmation email. It takes 24-48 hours (or 2 business days) to verify your funds. Once funds are verified, we scheduled your freight service. When you kart is picked up, the freight company will issue us a tracking number and we will send you a welcome email with tracking details, helpful tips, and more. In the meantime, you'll also receive your new go kart welcome package in the mail, which comes free with any go kart or mini bike purchase and includes assembly guides, goodies for the kids, warranty card and more. Most freight companies deliver within 7-10 days to your location. Please see our shipping policy more more detailed information.


is it safe to buy a go kart online?

Yes! But definitely do your research. Check out several different online go kart sellers and call to make sure you are able to reach a real person that is knowledgeable about the go karts. At, our online go kart sales are directly linked with our brick and mortar go kart sales in our small engine shop in South Dakota. You get our real business phone number and when you call, you talk to our expert salesmen, technicians, accountants, and shipping manager. If you have any qualms about buying from gokartmasters, give us a call. You can also check out our YouTube channel, where we regularly post tutorials, walk arounds videos, technical videos and more about Trailmaster Go Karts. You can see our actual employees, shop, go karts, and warehouse in our videos. Our YouTube channel is GoKartMasters Academy.


What brands of go-karts do you sell? exclusively sells TrailMaster go-karts. TrailMaster is the #1 go kart brand in the USA. As the leader in the go-kart industry, their superior quality is the best on the market from welds to engine components. Their reliability and excellent customer support make TrailMaster stand out in the go-kart industry. There is no better brand of go-kart on the market. We have a close working relationship with TrailMaster and deal with them directly. TrailMaster's performance is unmatched. TrailMaster go-karts use tried and proven designs and engineering. TrailMaster parts are readily available nationwide. TrailMaster engines are of Honda design with some of the best engineering in the world. 

Are TrailMaster go-karts made in China?
Yes. However, there are different qualities of products from China. TrailMaster is the leading go-kart brand and their quality is industry-leading. Many brands use inferior components and parts are not readily available. American go kart companies have been out of business for several years.

Why buy from

  1. We sell at a cheaper price than buying from a dealer.
  2. Most go-kart dealers only sell seasonally - is available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.
  3. We have more parts in stock than any other dealer or online retailer.
  4. We have more experience than other sellers.
  5. Most dealers do not carry all of the models or have all of the color options available.
  6. Other online retailers carry every brand know to man. We only sell TrailMaster. #1 Go-Kart Brand!!!
  7. A lot of online retailers are simply brokers that are new to the industry.
  8. Most online retailers have rarely seen the go karts and don't know the difference between the different models.
  9. We only sell what we would buy and have personally bought.
  10. Our assembly instructions are hands down the best in the industry. FREE with purchase of a go-kart.
  11. Our technical support after the sale is the best in the industry with real answers to your questions and issues.
  12. We ship replacement parts fast!!!

How long have you been in the go-kart business?
The staff at has been servicing the go kart industry for 40 plus years. We are a REAL go kart dealer and not some internet broker. Our staff has decades of hands-on experience in selling, manufacturing, shipping, servicing, repairing, overhauling, designing, supplying parts and riding go-karts.

What makes different from other go kart websites?
At, we pride ourselves on providing honest, superb assistance.  We do not have any hidden fees or "up-charges." We strive to offer you, the customer, a clean website design that is easy to navigate and makes your shopping experience enjoyable.  Our knowledgeable, experienced staff are here to help you by providing REAL, LIVE customer service during and after the purchase. provides real warranties backed by TrailMaster and fast shipping on TrailMaster parts as well as top notch technical assistance with over 40 years in the industry. 

How do I know which model TrailMaster go-kart to buy?
There are three important factors to figuring out which go-kart is best for your needs. Price. Size. Location.

-Price: Everyone has a budget
-Size: Who is going to be riding the go-kart? Kids? Adults? Uncle Leroy?

  • Mini: 3-7 year old
  • Mid: 5-12 year old. Small adult.
  • 150: 10 year old - Adult
  • 300: 10 year old - Adult

-Location: Where will the go kart be ridden?

  • Mini: yard, gravel driveway, smooth field
  • Mid: yard, gravel driveway, pasture, hills, smooth trails
  • 150: gravel, pasture, terraces, mud, hills, shallow creeks, trails, farms, logging roads, approved ATV & offroad trails

How do I unload my new go-kart once it arrives?
Be prepared for transportation from the freight truck to your garage or from the freight terminal to your truck or trailer. The shipping containers are large and heavy, and you may need help with this process. It is best to bring someone with you to help and not to expect any help from the truck driver. 

Do the go-karts come fully assembled?
No. However, the go-karts are 90% assembled. This unit has been inspected at the factory, but not by anyone at We strongly recommend that a qualified mechanic perform the setup and all other mechanical operations to keep your product operating properly and safely. If you choose to assemble the vehicle, please be preparedIt is your responsibility to make sure the unit is properly assembled and safe to operate.

What tools will I need to assemble my go-kart?
You will need tools such as metric sockets, wrenches, hammer, cutters, pliers, metric allen wrenches, screwdrivers, engine oil, grease, gasoline, drill, metric taps and dies, etc.  A more detailed list of necessary tools will be provided via email after you receive your purchase confirmation.

Who do I contact for technical assistance? Technical Support can be reached 24 hours a day at For a faster response, send an email to our Technical Service department.

Where can I see a new TrailMaster go-kart to take a test drive?
There are still dealers for go-karts around, but they are difficult to find. Most dealers sell go karts as a side line and don't stock very many karts. The best TrailMaster information and videos are here on our website. If you're near Sioux Falls, SD, you can give our partners a call at Southeastern Small Engine via 605-368-1246 or visit their showroom at 46932 Austin st Suite #1, Tea SD 57064


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