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GoKartMasters will never charge you sneaky fees. What you see on each listing is what you will actually pay! Only units deliverd to South Dakota addresses will add on sales tax.


We cover all of your costs for you! Each kart comes mostly assembled. We provide detailed assembly instructions and video tutorial. 

On all Go Kart purchases:

Shipping is totally FREE.

Delivery to a residential address is FREE.

Liftgate service with your delivery is FREE.

The only 12 Month warranty is included FREE.

Welcome kit-FREE.


Our customers are so important to us. We strive to give each and every customer the ultimate buyer's experience. Each order is handled by a Go Kart Master.

We don't claim to be the number one dealer, or the biggest dealer, but we try to be the BEST Trailmaster dealer on the internet. 

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Everything you need to know about go karts for sale online


Types of go karts


If you’re online looking for a go kart, you may not realize just how many different options there are. The first step you’ll want to take is to determine if you want a racing go kart or an off-road go kart. Or maybe there is some other category that you’re looking for like pedal carts, or video games. In any case, you need to narrow down you search to be more specific.


Trailmaster go karts are built for off road use with great suspension, full roll cages, gasoline powered engines, and many safety features. These karts have offroad tires and easy to operate steering to handle any terrain. Many models offer reverse and all karts are fullly automatic with no need to shift gears. 


Buy a go kart online for a better price point

Another way you may come across go karts for sale online is if you’ve been browsing bigger brand name vehicles like razor style side by sides or Canadian/American dune buggies. If that’s what you’re looking for and you’ve experienced sticker shock, then you will be excited to see the price point and quality of Trailmaster go karts available for sale online.


GoKartMasters promise

This website is dedicated to off road go karts, specifically the Trailmaster brand. That may seem like a narrow line-up, but we have determined over several decades that Trailmaster is simply the best. Our promise as a family and a company for over 40 years has been


"we only sell what we would buy ourselves"


Should you buy a go kart online or local?

Once you’ve determined that you are looking for an off-road buggy style go kart, you need to find the place where you want to buy it online. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a brick and mortar dealer in your area, but that comes with premium dealer fees that jack the price up. But the rest of you who don’t have a local dealer will want to shop online for your go kart.


Buying a go kart online is a fairly large purchase to make over the internet. It can be scary or even intimidating to spend thousands of dollars on a machine that you haven’t seen in person. It’s important to do your research to know what you’re getting into. Call and speak to someone from the business- this will help you weed out the websites that don’t provide good service. We recognize that our customers need reassurance and a firm confidence in our customer service before they want to purchase from us. We encourage each of you to  click through a lot of the pages on our site or any other dealer's site and learn all that you can about the brands, the machines, the warranty, etc.


What is the process of buying online?

Before you buy, make sure you understand the entire process. The GoKartMasters shipping procedure is clearly described on each go kart listing, as well as on several other pages across our website, both in written format and with graphics. Most go karts will arrive to your address within 7-10 days of your initial order.


This allows us time to verify your funds- not because we don’t trust you, but to offer you fraud protection.  Imagine someone got your information and decided to buy a go kart online at your expense. We allow time for the funds to clear the bank in case the transaction needs to be flagged. After that, it’s just a matter of the freight company loading up and issuing a tracking number. Most karts are in transit for about 5 days. 



Do I have to build a go kart that I bought online?

When you buy a Trailmaster go kart online, it will arrive to you partially assembled in a metal crate. This means it is about 90% done and all of the techinical and engineering aspects are complete.


The delivery driver will arrive in a semi. Liftgate service will remove the crate from the truck and place it in your preferred location. You will then need to uncrate and assemble the kart. This assembly process includes mostly tightening bolts- the roll cage, the wheels, the battery, seats and steering wheel.


GoKartMasters Academy provides detailed instructions in printed form as well as video tutorials for the assembly process. With basic tools and some free tools that come in our FREE welcome kit, two adults can assembly this kart in about an hour. Adjust this predicted tiem accordingly if assembling alone or with the help of children.


Are there hidden fees when buying a kart online?


Make sure you don’t pay extra when buying online- our price on our listings is the final price out the door. The only fees added on will be sales tax IF your address is within South Dakota. Otherwise, there are no taxes,  no delivery fees, no lift gate fees, no residential address fees, no warranty, no assembly charge, nothing. Just the price of the go kart. 



Warranty program for online go kart sales

When you buy a go kart online, it’s important to have some form of assurance that the kart will function properly. Many dealers will offer the manufacturer’s warranty, but not actually tell you what that warranty is.


Most manufacturers offer around 30 days of coverage, and it’s hard to get them to cover anything. The Master Warranty from Go Kart Masters covers bumper to bumper manufacturers defect for one whole year. That’s right. 12 months of coverage for any damage in shipping or defect from the factory.  And it doesn’t cost you even an extra penny.


We offer this Master Warranty to give you peace of mind that these machines are truly well built and worthy of purchase. We stand behind our warranty too- if any parts are damaged or missing when your kart arrives, we will ship it immediately, for FREE. As part of the Master Warranty, we also offer technical support and access to Official Service Bulletins to help you maintain your go kart.


Once you’ve done some shopping around, you still need to be aware of teh maintenance required for go karts bought online. Many powersports or small engine shops are fully capable of working on Trailmaster go karts, but very few will actually take them in. So if you’re buying a go kart online, you need to posses some basic skills or be willing to learn. You will need to change oil, grease clutches, operate basic hand tools, and be willing to trouble shoot minor issues. We will walk you through every step of the way, if you’re willing to do the work.


Decide where to buy your go kart online and get ready to GET BACK TO FUN!

At the end of the day, buying a go kart online can be an awesome family project, a wonderful Christmas surprise, or a budget friendly adventure. Just be sure to do your research and know what you’re getting into. For more information and detailed videos, check out our YouTube channel and Go Kart Masters Academy!

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