The Masters

Go Kart Masters is not just a creative name or a marketing ploy-it's a hard earned title based on years of exerpience and training.

At, we strive to be the absolute best.

The best Trailmaster Go Karts dealer.

The best Trailmaster Go Kart Parts dealer.

The best customer service.

The best small business.

The best experience for everyone involved!



GKM Scott on a hammerhead go kart over 15 years ago

Scott riding a Hammerhead Go Kart sometime around 2007. We used to sell both hammerhead and Trailmaster (made in the same factory until Trailmaster outgrew it). Proof that we have years ofreal life, hands on experience!



Kim on her first go kart age 2- a real go kart master


We start with our years of hands on experience with the go karts that we sell. Kim is a third generation go kart expert. She got her first go kart at age 2, custom built by her dad (the Original Go Kart Master). By her high school years, her dad was the first Trailmaster go kart dealer in the US. That's when Scott joined the team and quickly worked his way into the business (and the family).



While Scott was building his skills and knowledge on the technical side of things in the shop, he was also spending plenty of time riding the karts. He rode motocross, and continued to expand his mechanic skills. All these years later, Scott and Kim have a family of the next Go Kart Masters generations, a thriving small engine shop in South Dakota, and a social set of skills that live up to the title of Go Kart Master! 


Scott is our Master Technician because he truly has mastered the world of small engines. For nearly 20 years, Scott has studied under other master mechanics to learn the skills of the trade. He started out with the first ever Trailmaster dealer in the US, where he assembled thousands of Trailmaster go karts. That's where we gets our detailed tutorials from-he has touched every single step of the process so many times that he knows every thing that might go wrong, and how to fix it!



At other points in he is career, Scott has managed a shop that oversaw the maintenance and repairs of hundreds of pieces of equipment as well as a fleet of over 40 commercial vehicles. He has a detailed understanding of what engines can do, how far they can be pushed, and the importance of maintenance.

Scott also spent several years working on the commercial machines that mow golf courses, athletic fields and manicured lawns. This gave him the experience to understand precision and he honed his skills to pay attention to detail and work carefully. 


Overall, Scott is a jack of all trades and a Master of this one: Trailmaster go karts!


One of the most common concerns we hear from our customers is that online go kart sellers seem like a scam. A lot of customers are afraid they're just ordering from some China website where they can't speak to a person or get any technical support. That's not true about GoKartMasters, and you can see our real, smiling faces in our YouTube videos. You an watch our family ride the go karts that we sell, enjoy vlog style videos around our shop, and get a good understanding of our technical knowledge and expertise on Trailmaster Go Karts. here are a few videos to get you started!



 is a family operated small business. Of course we have to make money to stay in business, but our mission is to help other families Get Back to Fun! We've all gotten so overwhelmed with the busyness of life and the next generation is addicted to technology. We have to be intentional to fight against that and work at building our families. If you're looking for a way to get everyone off the couch and outdoors having fun together, a go kart is an incredible way to enjoy a family activity and build long lasting memories! Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong website to buy from. Buy from GoKartMasters so you know you can Get Back to Fun and stay there!


best warranty on trailmaster go karts is the best Trailmaster Parts Warehouse online. We stock parts for all Trailmaster go karts and minibikes, as well as Trailmaster UTVs. We are alwasy adding new parts listings. 

Can't find a part? We offer special orders! Submit a request for any Trailmaster part that you don't see listed here. Send a photo, a model number, or just a description and we will find your part!

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