Keep Your Go Kart Looking Good

Everyone likes nice, shiny new things. Go karts are no different. In order to keep your go-kart looking good for many years to come, a little bit of TLC will go a long way. Here are a few ways to make sure to keep your go-kart in excellent condition.

  1. Use Spray Clearcoat. For ultimate protection, apply a spray clearcoat onto the go kart paint and hardware. Applying clearcoat to these surfaces will keep corrosion and rust to a minimum. It's best to apply the clearcoat when the go kart is brand new. If necessary, wash and throughly dry the go kart before applying the clearcoat. Make sure to keep the clearcoat off of rubber and plastic goods as well as the seats, seatbelts and muffler. Some overspray is okay. Clearcoat can be purchased locally at most home improvement stores. 
  2. Do Not Overwash. Wash the go-kart when necessary, but not excessively. Washing the go kart often is bad.
  3. Silicone Spray. Use a silicone tire spray such as Tire Wet on the tires, plastic parts, seats and rubber goods. It is also okay to wipe down the painted surfaces with the silicone spray as well.
  4. Paint. Cover up those unsightly scuffs and scrathes with paint. is the exclusive retailer of custom TrailMaster touch up paint. You can purchase the paint in spray cans, 1 oz. bottles or paint pens. For any black painted parts, we recommend Krylon Satin Black spray paint. 
  5. Fabric Top. Before transporting the go-kart on an open trailer or pickup truck, remove the fabric canopy top. Otherwise, higher rates of speed can rip the top.
  6. WD-40. Works well for cleaning all mechanical and engine parts or dispersing water.

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