Ordering - Things to Know

Important Things to Know About Ordering a Go Kart



  1. Follow the simple ordering instructions in each section. Starred boxes require information.
  2. All orders are processed on the website for your security and tracking purposes.
  3. For your safety and security, we do not accept wire transfers, e-checks, etc. All purchases must go through our website for fraud prevention.
  4. Make sure your address and phone number are correct. We provide this directly to the shipping company and it cannot be changed once the shipping is ordered.
  5. If your credit card will not process or you receive an error at checkout, please read HERE. You probably need to clear some of your browsing history.
  6. A representative from the freight company will call you directly to schedule a delivery time. Most karts arrive to your address within 7-10 days of ordering. The exception to this is severe weather, and busy holiday seasons (Black Friday through Christmas, you can expect a 10-14 wait)
  7. You will receive an email with shipping details including the freight company's name, a tracking link and important documents. 
  8. When your go kart ships out, we will also mail you a New Go Kart Welcome Kit that includes your warranty card, assembly manual, parts manual, tips and tricks to get you started, and a few gifts. When available, we will email you a link to assembly instructions on our Youtube page rather than a printed manual.
  9. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to the email we send.


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