Pre-Drive Inspection

  • Check Engine Oil Level. Check for leaks. Add oil if needed.
  • Check Fuel Level. Add fresh 91-93 octane or non-ethanol (recreational fuel, 100% gas) fuel as necessary and do not overfill. Do not use fuel that is older than one month old. Use a fuel stabilizer such as Seafoam and follow instructions on the bottle or can. Check for any fuel leaks.. 
  • Check Brakes. Depress the brake pedal several times, checking for proper brake pedal free play. Check for brake fluid leaks. Adjust brakes, if necessary.
  • Check Tires. Check tires condition and pressure. Adjust tire pressure according to type of riding. Typically 8 lbs.
  • Check Drive Chain. Check chain's condition. Adjust and lubricate with spray chain lube at least every two hours of riding. Check chain for slack and adjust, if necessary, after the 1st two hours of riding and every 4-6 hours of riding after that.
  • Check Throttle. Check for smooth operation. Assure throttle comes back to idle.
  • Check Engine Stop Button. Perform engine stop button test.
  • Check All Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners. Check wheels to see that all axle nuts and lug nuts are tightened properly.
  • Check Brake Light. Check for proper operation.
  • Check Steering. Check for free operation and for any unusual looseness in the steering area.

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