Engine Turns Over But Won't Run

Bad FUEL is the most common cause.

-Make sure all keys and switches are 'ON'
-Check to make sure all fuel valve(s) are 'ON'
-Add plenty of fresh clean fuel to the fuel tank
-Make sure the choke is working properly

     -Mini XRS & Mid XRS: Make sure the manual choke is 'ON'
     -Mini XRX, Mini XRX-R, Mid XRX & Mid XRX-R: Pull the remote choke out firmly and hold
     -150 XRS & 150 XRX: Place hand over hole on intake pipe behind the driver's seat

-Turn the engine over for 4-6 seconds. (Mini XRS & Mid XRS: pull recoil rope 4-6 times)
-Engine may start and die or not start at all
-Mini X & Mid X models, the choke cable may need to be adjusted at the carburetor. (Watch Our Video HERE)
-Remove the spark plug and see if it is wet with fuel. Fuel should smell volatile and evaporate quickly. Fuel is bad if it smells sweet or like rotten fruit. Bad fuel is usually oily.
-If getting fuel and the fuel is fresh, refer to our Engine Spark Troubleshooting page.
-If not getting fuel, refer to our caburetor clean out and fuel tank clean out pages.

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