New Go Kart Setup Tips

Please refer to the assembly instructions and owner's manual for additional setup information.

  • Use fresh, clean fuel (minimum of 90 octane)
  • Use a fuel additive such as Stabil or Seafoam
  • Always use an automatic battery maintainer when the go kart is not being ridden
  • Keep the passenger side seatbelt fastened when not in use to keep it from getting into the rear tire
  • Make sure the fuel valves are in the 'ON' position. *NOTE: 150cc has an automatic fuel valve.
  • Remove the canopy top and flag when transporting in an open vehicle to keep from destroying them
  • Make sure someone is sitting in the go kart with their foot on the brake and prepared to shut off the engine in case of a problem or emergency
  • Use the parking brake
  • Keep long hair tied up
  • Do not wear loose or baggy clothing or jewelry 
  • Keep kids away from the engine and moving parts especially near the rear of the go kart
  • Never refuel the go kart fuel tank with the engine running or if the engine is hot

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