Affordable UTV Choice for the farm/homestead

Aug 14th 2022


A place to where there is never a shortage of work.

Fields, barns, livestock, pets, gardens, projects, kids.

These days a homestead can be anything from an urban garden on an apartment balcony to a 40 acre fully functioning, nearly self sufficient hobby farm, all the way up to a 100+ acre orchard or permaculture facility. For the sake of this article we will assume that a homestead has more property than can be easily walked and enough chores to complete each day that the help of a machine is needed.

In that case, the TrailMaster Taurus is perfect for all of your homesteading needs! It's the ideal machine for all the tough jobs but it's cheap enough for anyone to afford! Don't worry, we don't skimp on quality. The Taurus is a beast of machine and will prove to be a workhorse on your farm.

Every homestead is different and therefore has different needs. Some farms need to haul a lot of things, need to pull a trailer, and need a vehicle that a younger driver can handle. Some properties want a machine that is for work but also a little but of play time. Others might need to haul a crew to and from a garden or haul the harvest across acreage back to the house or barn. Some homestead may have a lot of barn cleanup, while others may be fully pasture based and need a way to get across fields quickly. No matter what your needs are, a Taurus would be a great addition to your farm!

  • Equipped with heavy duty steel dump bed for garden cleaning, clearing out the barn, hauling fire wood, harvesting, unloading feed and more
  • Equipped with H/L gear, low gear mode has 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version & can climb up to 30 degree slopes with ease to help you traverse all of your property with very little effort
  • Air and oil cooled high performance 177.3 cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up, with rear shaft direct drive, more reliable power transmission, higher transmission efficiency; keeps you working and avoids down time for repairs
  • Four-wheel independent suspension for much better driving experience on rugged terrain
  • Heavy duty frame with a load capacity of 600 pounds
  • Digital dashboard for ease of use
  • LED Hi/Lo head lights for those early morning and light night chores
  • Rear view side mirrors for surface street driving
  • Sporting steering wheel for maneuverability and comfort
  • Turn signals to stay legal on the streets
  • Retractable safety seatbelts:available when you need it, but out of the way when you don't need it
  • Large aggressive off road tires for great traction
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • Hard top provides shade, rain protection
  • Steel front bumper to protect front end
  • Cup holder to hold your water and stay hydrated
  • 12-V outlet for charging needs
  • Adjustable heavy duty front and rear shock absorber
  • Rack and pinion steering wheel
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
  • Large gas tank for less stops
  • Horn for fun!  
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