Black Friday Go Kart Deals at GoKartMasters

Nov 18th 2022

Have you been waiting for Black Friday to see what kind of awesome deals you can get on a new go kart? You've come to the right place. We have an awesome Black Friday Sale for you to get your Christmas shopping done. You can buy a go kart on our Black Friday sale and get it in time for a Christmas Gift this year!

Our Black Friday sale is AMAZING! you'll get the best prices we have to offer, plus FREE shipping and guaranteed free gift. And we offer the only 12 month warranty on Trailmaster go karts-you won't a deal like this anywhere, Black Friday or otherwise. 

You'll have the chance to win up to a $320 value package deal with our Black Friday sale! 

Purchase a go kart between November 20 and November 25 and you'll automatically receive a free gift with your welcome package. For our Black Friday deal, you could win 

a FREE helmet, 

a FREE T-shirt,

A FREE maintenance kit and gear bag,

a FREE cooler packed with snacks for the trail, 

a FREE battery maintainer,

a FREE service kit,

and more!

This Black Friday deal cannot be beat! 

best warranty on trailmaster go karts