Blazer 200 go kart| A sporty Option Upgrade

Aug 14th 2022

The Blazer 200 kart is the perfect all around buggy that can meet so many needs at once! The Fully automatic with reverse, high performance 11 HP 168.9cc GY6 engine provides all the power you need fro riding on the street, working around the farm, or flying across the dunes. The profile of this machine is tough and powerful with 22" Alloy wheels and aggressive rear tires. With a top speed over 40mph, you can feel safe driving on most surface streets, but also go plenty fast out on trails, in the hills, and on your way to secluded camping spot.

You will find the Blazer is a great alternative to a larger name brand machine. It exceeds expectations with a stylish design, exciting graphics, secure five-point safety harnesses, electric start with kill switch, adjustable steering wheel so anyone can be comfortable while driving; individual bucket style sports seats, LED headlights, bikini sunshade top, an adjustable driver's seat with a pedal to seat back distance of 36” to 43”, rack and pinion steering for easy operation, front and rear hydraulic disc brake, 4-point rear swing arm, parking brake, 4-wheel stylish fenders that minimize mud slinging. It also comes with a trailer hitch, large rear utility rack, and large gas tank to help you work and play longer. 

Trailmaster go karts have a cheap price but high quality. Karts are manufactured well and come with all the safety measures you could ask for. 

GoKartMasters are just that: the masters of all things go karts. We are a family owned business, run by second generation go-kart masters. Between the three of us on staff, we have over 60 years of experience in the go kart industry both designing, assembling, repairing, selling, and riding go karts of all shapes and sizes. 

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