Christmas Gift Guide for Go Kart Buying

Nov 9th 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for Go Kart Buying

So you want to buy a go kart for Christmas, but have no idea which model to select? We are here to help! We 'll break it down into the main factors and rank the models accordingly. 

The first factor to consider is the size of your kart. Think about who will be driving the kart, and the size of any passengers. If you have kids of several different ages and capabilities, you'll want to pick a kart that fits them all. You may even want to consider a 4-seater. Here is how the models rank based on age/size

Ages 4-10: Mini 

-There are different models in the Mini line, from the most basic XRS, to the XRX+ with some extras and then the top of the line XRX-R+ which has reverse as well. These Minis were designed specifically for the junior rider who is learning, or just getting used to things. 

Ages 10+ (keep in mind we are basing this on averages, not a hard rule): Mid

-There are several option in the Mid line as well. This size kart is the perfect all around go and teens can enjoy it, but an adult can also drive it(it may be a tight fit, but it's definitely still fun). You will find the basic XRS, the upgraded XRX and the reverse model, XRX-R

Teens and Adults: 200 Buggies

-The 200 buggies are the most modern version of the 150cc go kart. They're perfect for any teen or adult, and can handle two full size people and still hit the trails hard with no problems.

Blazer 200R-- this kart is actually the Mid XRX but it also has all the extra graphics and plastics to make it look more like a side by side style buggy.

Blazer 200X- the 150 XRX kart plus graphics, plastics, lights, and beefed up suspension and wheels.

200XRS- base model kart

200E XRX- upgraded kart with lights, everything you need to ride on the street (where it's legal), and the New Electronic Fuel Injection options

Blazer4 200- a 4 seater kart with lights, blinkers, mirrors, and all the extra fenders and graphics.

Experienced riders: 300 karts

-The 300 kart is basically the 200 on steroids. A bigger engine, stronger pulling power, and some frame upgrades make this kart perfect for more experienced riders looking for a thrill!

The next thing you may want to consider is the price. There are several options within each model line so you can find the price point you're looking for. You can select the cheapest kart in each line by choosing the XRS model, or you can go for the top of the line by selecting the XRX models with Reverse or the EFI models in the larger karts. The 4 seaters and UTVs are great options as well.

For a quick and easy recap, in order from smallest to largest, you have:



Blazer 200R


Blazer 200X


Blazer 4

Within each Size you'll find, from base model upward:





For clarification, think of like this:

XRS--S is for Standard, or basic--it's the base model for that size kart

XRX- X is for eXtra--it has the upgrade and more bells and whistles

R- these are Reverse models (the bigger karts have Reverse even without the R in the name)

E- stands for EFI, electronic fuel injection

If you're still not sure which kart to go with, feel free to send us an email at and we will be glad to help you pickup out the perfect go kart for christmas. Whether you're looking for the cheapest kart, the biggest kart, or simply want something that looks cool, we can guide you to the right kart!

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