First Go Kart-- Which one should you buy?

Aug 15th 2022

First Go Kart-- Which one should you buy?

You have purchased your kids first go kart! Now what?

Every kid wants an awesome go kart that they can speed through the trails on. A go kart makes the most perfect present for Christmas, birthdays, or a new family adventure.

But first you need to prepare yourself to ride, maintain, and even repair your kart.

Please refer to the assembly instructions and owner's manual for additional setup information.

  • Use fresh, clean fuel (minimum of 90 octane)
  • Use a fuel additive such as Stabil or Seafoam
  • Always use an automatic battery maintainer when the go kart is not being ridden
  • Keep the passenger side seatbelt fastened when not in use to keep it from getting into the rear tire
  • Make sure the fuel valves are in the 'ON' position. *NOTE: 150cc has an automatic fuel valve.
  • Remove the canopy top and flag when transporting in an open vehicle to keep from destroying them
  • Make sure someone is sitting in the go kart with their foot on the brake and prepared to shut off the engine in case of a problem or emergency
  • Use the parking brake
  • Keep long hair tied up
  • Do not wear loose or baggy clothing or jewelry
  • Keep kids away from the engine and moving parts especially near the rear of the go kart
  • Never refuel the go kart fuel tank with the engine running or if the engine is hot

Be aware of battery usage and safety:

Any device that stores energy can be dangerous. There is a lot of explosive power in a gallon of gasoline, but when handled with some knowledge its use can be made relatively safe. Batteries are no different in that with the proper precautions and safety practices, they can be handled in a safe manner. Working with batteries poses two hazards: potentially explosive gases that are given off during discharging and charging, and sulfuric acid, which is highly corrosive. The following is an 8 -point safety list that will help keep these two hazards under control:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, SPARKS (FROM STATIC ELECTRICITY OR OTHER SOURCES) OR OPEN FLAMES AROUND OR NEAR BATTERIES. Batteries can produce hydro- gen gas that is highly flammable when combined with oxygen; if these gases ignite the battery case can rupture or explode.

2. On Conventional batteries, loosen vent caps when charging and ventilate the entire charg- ing area. A build-up of hydrogen and oxygen levels within the battery, or in the area where it’s being charged, can create a fi re hazard.

3. If a battery feels hot to the touch during charging, stop charging and allow it to cool before re-suming. Excessive heat damages the plates, and a battery case that’s too hot during charging canrupture.

4. On Conventional batteries, REMOVE THE RED SEALING CAP FROM THE VENT ELBOW. Never put the red sealing cap back on the battery once it is removed. If sealing cap is left on, gases trapped inside the battery can explode. For the same reason, make sure the vent tube isn’t kinked or blocked. See illustration on page 15.

5. Properly connect battery chargers leads to the battery: positive to positive, negative to negative. Unplug the charger, or turn it off before connecting or disconnecting the leads. This will minimize the chance of creating sparks when connecting or removing the leads from the battery.

6. Always wear eye protection, protective gloves and protective clothing when handling a battery.

7. Clean up acid spills immediately, using a water and baking soda solution to neutralize battery acid (1 lb. baking soda in 1 gal. water).

8. Make sure battery acid fill containers are clearly marked and work areas are well lighted. If sul- furic acid is swallowed or splashed in the eyes, take immediate action. Sulfuric acid in the eyes can cause blindness. While the diluted sulfuric acid used as electrolyte can burn the skin, this type of injury is generally less serious. Ingesting, or swallowing sulfuric acid can cause serious in- ternal injuries or death.

Remedies for contact with sulfuric acid: ■ External – flush with water

■ Internal – drink large quantities of milk or water, followed by milk of magnesia, vegetable oil or raw, beaten eggs. Call a poison control center or doctor immediately

■ Eyes – flush for several minutes with water, get immediate medical attention

You will need to break in your new go kart within the first few hours of riding. Here are a few things that you will need to check, adjust and tighten. It is recommended that you perform these tasks within the first 5 hours of use.

  1. Check the engine oil level. You can change the oil within the first 2-5 hours.
  2. With a cool engine, tighten the exhaust manifold nuts (10mm wrench)
  3. With a warm engine, adjust the engine idle. The idle adjust screw is located on the passenger's side of the carburetor. The gold Phillips head screw with spring is located on top of the carburetor. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the idle speed. If the idle is too high, the go kart may not shift into gear.
  4. Adjust and lubricate the chain.
  5. Check and tighten all hardware (bar bolts, fenders, steering components, wheel lugs, etc.). Once the hardware has been secured, it will remain tight.
  6. If necessary, adjust the shifter cables. 
  • Engine Oil. Check engine oil when new and before each time riding. Check for leaks. Add oil if needed. Change engine oil every 10 hours of operation or when gray or black and not clear. Oil = 10W30
  • Fuel. Add fresh 91-93 octane, premium fuel or non-ethanol (recreational fuel, 100% gas) fuel as necessary and do not overfill. Do not use fuel that is older than one month old. Always use a fuel stabilizer such as Seafoam or Stabil and follow the instructions on the bottle or can. Check for any fuel leaks. If not riding for an extended period of time, drain the fuel from the carburetor.
  • Battery. ATV-style batteries must be kept charged by using an automatic trickle battery charger (max. 1.5 amp) on the battery when the go-kart is not in use. Once the battery becomes fully discharged, it is no longer good and must be replaced. The charging system on your go-kart is a very low output usually requiring 1 hour of operation after cranking to fully charge the battery. So, short drives may not sufficiently keep the battery in top condition. We recommend that you USE a battery maintainer…it’s cheaper than buying new batteries and makes for easier engine cranking.
  • Air Filter. Change the air filter yearly or more often under dusty conditions. Inspect boot clamps to make sure secure.
  • Brakes. Depress the brake pedal several times, checking for proper brake pedal free play. Check for brake fluid leaks. Adjust brakes, if necessary.
  • Tires. Check tires condition and pressure. Adjust tire pressure according to type of riding. Typically 8 psi. (10 psi max.)
  • Drive Chain. Check chain's condition. Adjust and lubricate with spray chain lube at least every two hours of riding depending on the riding environment. Check chain for slack and adjust, if necessary, after the 1st two hours of riding and every 4-6 hours of riding after that. Adjust all of the slack from the chain but do not put tension on the chain.
  • Throttle. Check for smooth operation. Assure throttle comes back to idle.
  • Engine Stop Button. Perform engine stop button test.
  • Key Switch. Use spray lubricant in key switch yearly and after washing.
  • All Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners. Make sure all hardware is tight and secure.

-Steering nut, bolts and cotter pins
-Suspension bolts and nuts
-Brake caliper mounting bolts
-Throttle and brake pedal hardware
-Throttle cable nuts at carburetor
-All cage bolts and nuts
-Lug nuts on wheels
-Choke cable nuts at carburetor (Mid XRX & Mid XRX-R Only)

  • Brake Light. If applicable, check for proper operation.
  • Seat Belts. Check to make sure fastened properly. When there is no passenger in the go-kart, keep the seat belt fastened to keep it from dragging the ground or getting caught under rear tire.
  • Steering. Check for free operation and for any unusual looseness in the steering area. Check steering for alignment (toe in) when new and before each operation.
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