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Mar 13th 2023

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At Go Kart Masters, we know what’s it’s like to look for fun family activities to get your kids out of the house and start making memories together. We have done it all! The Go Kart Masters have raised chickens on a homestead, traveled the country full time in a camper with a large family, competed in bass fishing tournaments, moved across the country to a whole new culture, and even survived the crazy Midwestern winter with windchills of -50° and 4 feet of snow falling at once.

Our family has enjoyed go karts for 4 generations!! We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and desire to share the fun with everyone!! Family fun is all about making memories, and with a go kart or mini bike, your family won’t forget the time you spend together. It’s truly an unforgettable experience to ride go karts together. And the amazing part is that we have a go kart for everyone!

Mini go karts fit kiddos as small as 4 (which is sometimes scary?), with a few different options like remote shut off, reverse, lights, 5 point safety harnesses and more to choose from.

Mid size karts are the ultimate all around family go kart. Our 6 year old can drive a Mid, but Go Kart Master Kim and Go Kart Master Scott can also drive it comfortably (both full size adults!). You can get a base model like the 90s style basic go karts, an upgraded model with bucket seats, lights, etc, and even add reverse so you don’t have to get out and drag the kart around if you get stuck.

The 200 size karts are built for teens and adults and will easily carry two grown men, but for bigger riders or more power you could even upgrade to the 300. These full size karts are electronically fuel injected and come with lots of upgrade options. You can even do some performance modifications to customize the kart to your needs.

Go Kart Masters is the industry expert in Trailmaster go karts. We have participated in research and development with the manufacturer, offer the only bumper to bumper 12 month warranty, and carry all of the parts for all the karts we sell! When you buy a kart from us, you’ll even get personal tech support from one of our Go Kart Masters.

If you’re in the upper Midwest, come check out our brick and mortar store and showroom in Tea, SD. Located just outside Sioux Falls, we are just a mile off I29 and conveniently accessible from anywhere in the Midwest! Karts sold from our showroom are professionally assembled and inspected, serviced, and you won’t have to worry about getting it delivered on a Semi and trying to put it together. You get the 12 month Master Warranty and we carry all the parts on location…our parts warehouse is attached to our shop! We will even let you test drive a kart before you buy!

At the end of the day, we want to see families enjoying each other, and that’s why we want everyone to GET BACK TO FUN WITH GOKARTMASTER las lhevin u

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