Summer Fun for the whole Family

Aug 4th 2022

Summer Fun for the whole Family

Summer isn't over yet! you still have time to spend a few weekends getting out and about, having a blast. It can sometimes be hard to find an activity that is fun for all ages and keeps everyone looking forward to going again. You should consider the best option for families that want something fun to do together, whether at home or while traveling, for work and for play: a go kart! 

TrailMaster go karts are the highest quality karts without the crazy prices! With a kart for anyone and everyone, you will find just what your family needs. sells karts for kids as small as age 4, midsize karts that fits small adults and teens, full size karts that hold tow adults, and even 4 seater buggies that carry the whole family. Even though the price is low, you won't mis out on quality, power, or fun!

Let's clear some things up. These aren't the 1970's one seater karts you rode as a kid with a little seedeater engine on the back. These karts are built to be tough enough to take on any terrain you drive them over. Heavy duty frames and full roll cages are durable and provide plenty of protection from the rocks, debris, brush and rollovers. The seat are comfortable and all come with safety restraints, where 3 point belts or 5 point harnesses. These go karts are like mini dune buggies, built to ride in the mud, sand, dirt, mountains, woods and more. 

The aggressive tires on all the karts look great and provide excellent traction for all your mudding and rock climbing excursions. The engines are made in China but don't let that scare. These engines are tested and proven to be top-of-the line machines that will keep you  riding for years to come. 

We sell a full range of trail master machines from go karts to gold carts, UTVs to min bikes and more. Be sure to check out some different models to find exactly what you are looking for. You can expect some of these features from TrailMaster as well as some added bonuses form

Fully automatic  transmissions, some with reverse

Aggressive sports/offroad tires

Top speeds catered to the size and abilities of the driver, ranging from 12mph up to 45mph

Stylish designs

Exciting graphics

Three point and Five-point safety harnesses

Most karts have Electric start with kill switch

Adjustable steering wheels

LED headlights

Adjustable driver seats

Rack and pinion steering

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

4-point rear swing arm

Parking brake

4-wheel stylish fenders

Trailer hitches available on certain models

Large rear utility racks

Large gas tanks to keep you riding longer

best warranty on trailmaster go karts