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Aug 14th 2022

GoKartMasters loves TrailMaster: off-road buggies and more for work and play. We carry TrailMaster machines in all shapes and sizes. There is a unit for everyone in your family, and some for your buddies too! Check out our product pages to see what's available to order today!

TrailMaster is a Chinese based manufacturer, but don't let that scare you off. Did you know there aren't actually any US based go kart manufacturers any more? They all shut down years ago due to economy, factory fires and more. TrailMaster is recognized as the best off brand kart manufacturer! The karts and bikes are affordable but still great quality! We aren't talking the cheap 1970s Frankenstein go karts...these are performance machines with powerful engines, aggressive tires, great suspension and all the safety features.

There is a machine for everyone! Kids as young as 4 can ride the Mini karts, tweens and teens will fit in the Mid karts, and most teens and adults will fit into the full size karts. The 4 seater buggies will even carry 4 full size adults comfortably. With several different packages to choose from, you can decide how many extras you want. Here's how to make a little sense of the model numbers:

Mini=a tiny kart

Mid= a midsized kart

200/300= size of the engine

XRS=base model

XRX= upgraded kart with extras like lights, digital dash, etc

E or EFi=electronic fuel injection engine

4= 4 seater

These karts are truly built to last and can tackle anything you throw at them.

*riding in the dunes

*trail riding in the woods, mountains, prairie, desert

* farm and homestead chores, hauling trailers

*street driving where it's legal

Whether you want to drive them around town on the roads or go on an excursion off road, a TrailMaster kart is perfect for you!


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