Where to buy a belt for my Trailmaster Mid Go Kart

Sep 10th 2023

We get calls and email every week asking where someone can buy a belt for their mid size go kart locally. usually they've purchased a belt on amazon or some other parts website and the wrong belt showed up. Usually the culprit is one of two things:

1. The parts store doesn't actually know which belts fit the go karts, or they're unaware that there are different options.

2. The customer doesn't realize there are different belts for different models and clutches.

So how the world can you tell the difference?

There is one simple way to determine which belt you should order! You need to take the cover off of your front clutch. Pull the belt off the front shaft and examine the components that slid over the shaft. What does the belt sit directly on that allows it to spin? You should see either a brass colored bushing or a silver bearing. 

Brass Bushing: you need to purchase a belt for a Mid XRS or Mid XRX. This should be a 30 series drive belt that is 669mm.

Silver Bearing: you need to purchase a belt for a Mid XRX-R. This belt was used on karts with reverse. The clutch is slightly different between the reverse and non-reverse models. However, the bearing clutch can replace the bushing clutch as an upgrade, so if you'd like to switch out the driver, or if you find that your driver has already been upgraded, you'll need to make sure you use the slightly longer belt. This belt should be a 30 series belt that is 725mm. 

It is very important that you visually inspect the driver to determine which belt you need. Especially since the clutch is interchangeable on some models, just knowing the correct model of your kart may not always get you the correct belt. If you'r unsure, you can measure your old belt, or shoot us an email for assistance. 

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