TrailMaster MB200-2 Rear Wheel Outer Spacer Set/kit

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MB200-2 Mini Bike Rear Wheel Outer Spacer Set

  • Mb 200-2 Factory Rear Wheel Spacer Set
  • New Style Kit Includes All Rear Wheel Outer Spacers To Fit Disc or Drum Brakes
  • Includes 2 Long Spacers,1Medium Spacer,And 1 Short Spacer
  • Long Spacer Fits on Sprocket Side
  • Disc Side Uses 1 Medium And 1 Short
  • Brake Drum (old model) Side Uses 1 Long And 1 Short
  • Fits Between Rear Wheel And Frame
  • Includes Both Right and Left Wheel Spacers
  • TrailMaster Rear Wheel Bearing Spacer Bushing R 54004-PL-R & 54006-PL-L



New MB200-2 comes with disc brakes. If you want to convert an old model MB200 from drum brakes to disc brakes, you will need this spacer set! 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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