Find the right chain for your Trailmaster Mini Go Kart

Sep 12th 2023

Find the right chain for your Trailmaster Mini Go Kart

Which go kart chain do I need for my Trailmaster mini go kart?

If you own a Trailmaster mini go kart,you are bound to need parts eventually.  Go kart require regular maintenance, and have many serviceable systems that need parts changed to maintain top performance. Before long, you'll need to replace a chain. 

What you may not realize yet is that there are a few different models within the Trailmaster min go kart series, and therefore a few different chain options. We want to make sure you order the correct chain for the kart that you have.

First off, the easy part: no matter which model you have, all Trailmaster mini go kart take the same upper chain. Whether you have a Mini XRS, a Mini XRX, or a Mini XRX-Rthe upper chain will always be the same. Even on the plus models. The big difference is in the lower chain!

Even though this may seem confusing, there is a very simple way to differentiate between all of the different chains. If your kart has reverse, you'll need the bigger, longer chain. The reverse models take a 420 gauge chain that is just a few links shorter than then upper chain. 

If you have a non-reverse models, whether the standard version or the plus (+) version, you'll need the smaller lower chain. You'll see this chain all over the internet advertised as a 10mm, but that's not completely accurate. TheTrailmaster Mini go karts without reverse actually take a British chain that converts to roughly 9.5mm. This may seem too close to make a difference, but the point is...a 10mm just isn't the factory original. To purchase the correct factory lower chain for your mini go kart (without reverse), you can trust that has accurate listing and correct chains. We don't just find something similar and say "close enough!". We actually do our research, source the correct parts and provide what you need without skimping. 

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