How to Make your Go Kart Faster

Sep 9th 2023

Are you tired of cruising at average speeds on your go-kart? Do you dream of unleashing the full potential of your machine and leaving competitors in the dust? You're in the right place! In this blog post, we're diving into the secrets of making your go-kart faster, so buckle up, and let's rev those engines!

1. Optimize Your Engine:

The heart of any go-kart's speed lies in its engine. Consider upgrading to a higher-performance engine with more horsepower. Performance exhaust systems and high-flow air filters can also enhance your engine's efficiency, resulting in a noticeable boost in speed. If you're not ready of a whole new engine, Check out bigger jets or whole carburetor upgrades, intake kits, performance exhaust, and more. If you have an EFI model, find out if there is a tuner available for your kart.

2. Gear Up for Speed:

Your go-kart's gear ratio plays a crucial role in determining its top speed. Lower gear ratios provide better acceleration, while higher ratios offer higher top speeds. To increase your go-kart's top speed, switch to a higher gear ratio by changing the sprockets. Just keep in mind that this may reduce acceleration. You can play around with clutch weights, clutch springs,  chain and belt upgrades and sprocket sizing.

3. Tire Tactics:

Upgrading your tires can significantly impact your go-kart's speed. Opt for tires designed for racing or high-speed applications. Ensure they are properly inflated to minimize rolling resistance and maximize grip. Balancing tire pressure and tire type can make a world of difference in how fast your go-kart can go. Keep in mind that most off road karts come with aggressive, off-road, knobby tires. Search for turf or street tires that fit your kart.

4. Weight Management:

Reducing excess weight on your go-kart can result in a noticeable speed increase. Remove any unnecessary accessories or parts that you don't need for your specific purpose. Keep your go-kart as lean and mean as possible. This includes passengers...hauling an extra full size adult will significantly decrease your top speed.

5. Suspension Setup:

An efficient suspension system can improve your go-kart's handling at high speeds. Adjusting the suspension settings, such as ride height and shock absorber stiffness, can help stabilize your go-kart and prevent excessive bouncing that can slow you down. Consider nitrogen gas performance shocks.

6. Aerodynamic Tweaks:

While go-karts aren't high-speed race cars, improving their aerodynamics can still enhance their top speed. Streamline your go-kart by minimizing protruding objects and ensuring a clean, aerodynamic body shape. You can add a windshield to reduce some of your drag.

7. Fine-Tune Your Carburetor:

A well-tuned carburetor can optimize your engine's performance, leading to better fuel-air mixture and more power. If you're comfortable doing so, consider adjusting your carburetor settings or seeking professional assistance to fine-tune it. Play around with jet sizes to see what works best for you.

8. Regular Maintenance:

Don't underestimate the importance of routine maintenance. Ensure your go-kart is in top working condition by regularly checking for loose bolts, damaged parts, and worn-out components. A well-maintained machine performs better and lasts longer. Perform regular engine and clutch services too. 

9. Safety First:

As you aim for higher speeds, always prioritize safety. Wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing. Make sure your brakes are in top shape to maintain control at high speeds. 

10. Practice and Patience:

Finally, remember that speed improvement takes time and practice. Get to know your go-kart intimately, understand its limitations, and become a skilled driver. Smooth, precise driving can maximize your speed while keeping you safe.

In conclusion, making your go-kart faster is an exciting endeavor that requires a mix of modifications, maintenance, and practice. Always prioritize safety, and never push your go-kart beyond its limits. With dedication and the right tweaks, you can unlock the full potential of your go-kart and enjoy thrilling high-speed adventures like never before. Happy go-karting!

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