Receive a New Go Kart for Christmas?

Posted by GKMG on Jan 9th 2017

Receive a New Go Kart for Christmas?

Christmas is always an exciting time of the year for kids, teenagers and adults alike, especially when you receive an awesome gift such as a new go kart. Whether Santa Claus brought the go kart, you received a go kart from your parents or you spent hard earned money to buy a go kart, one thing is for sure…you can’t just keep putting gas in the go kart and expect it to last for years maintenance free.

Since go karts are machines, they will need some maintenance from time-to-time. This is where we come in. At, we have created just the place for you to begin the journey with your new go kart. Our Go Kart Masters Garage includes a ton of information for new go kart owners including setup tips, keys to success and longevity, go kart safety, starting procedures and more. We’ve even created a whole section dedicated to video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through many different troubleshooting and maintenance procedures including new part installations.

As you probably know, we only sell TrailMaster go karts and believe that they are far superior to all other go karts for sale on the market. So, Go Kart Masters Garage is specifically geared towards TrailMaster go karts with references to different models, but this information can also be useful for other brands such as Tao Tao, Kinroad, etc.

Take a few minutes to explore Go Kart Masters Garage. We promise that you will find some helpful information to ensure you a lifetime of fun with your new go kart. 

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